What is Kid Kustomers about?

What is Kid Kustomers about?

Eric Schlosser’s short story “Kid Kustomers” is about how big companies are able to persuade children to like their product by advertising it with things they adore and use on the daily. Kids have always been an easy target to manipulate whether it’s from clothing stores or restaurant chains.

What is Schlosser’s rhetorical purpose?

It is clear that Schlosser’s purpose is to change the way you consume and the way you use cash, and additionally the way you think. Schlosser truly gives a flawless insight about his clarification upon marketing methods utilized on kids and in addition the reason for it.

When was Kid Kustomers published?

Schlosser’s Kid Kustomers is a very good essay published in 1959, it has many ups and…show more content… One of the most successful marketers is quoted in the article “Get kids to nag their parents and nag them well”(260).

What is distinctive about Schlosser’s style and rhetoric?

One of the most present rhetorical devices used is logos. Schlosser presents logos as various statistics on almost every page. Schlosser’s use of logos presents ideas and facts to the readers in an organized and easy to understand fashion.

What is Schlosser’s argument?

Schlosser investigates all aspects of the fast food industry and argues that eating in the United States should no longer be a form of high-risk behavior.

What did Eric Schlosser investigate?

Eric Matthew Schlosser (born August 17, 1959) is an American journalist and author known for his investigative journalism, such as in his books Fast Food Nation (2001), Reefer Madness (2003), and Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety (2013).

Where is Eric Schlosser from?

Manhattan, New York, NY
Eric Schlosser/Place of birth

What is Schlosser’s argument in fast food Nation?

Schlosser’s main goal in this book is to display the dangers of the fast food industry in America. He argues that the food is unhealthy in a variety of ways. Eating fast food has a negative impact on consumers, fast food workers, and the whole country.

Which three reasons does Schlosser give to support his claim that the fast food industry resembles the manufacturing business quizlet?

The three reasons Schlosser uses to support his claim that the fast-food industry resembles the manufacturing business are: Both industries promote “throughput.” Both industries stress consistency and standardization. Workers are interchangeable.

What is Eric Schlosser’s argument in Fast Food Nation?

By the end of the book, though, Schlosser’s main point of contention is that his readers should simply stop eating fast food. While this would, in theory, solve a litany of problems Schlosser has taken pains to bring up, his advice is too negative to function in the real-world.

What started Eric Schlosser on his journey of investigating the food system?

I got involved with labor issues in the food system in 1994—that was my introduction to America’s industrialized food system. That was when I followed workers through the strawberry harvest in California. It was my interest in labor issues that lead me to write Fast Food Nation a few years later.

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