What is involutional psychosis?

What is involutional psychosis?

Involutional psychosis is a psychosis occurring in middle life and the following years, without evidence of either “organic” intellectual defects or a previous affective disorder.

What is involutional paranoid state?

Involutional melancholia or involutional depression is a traditional name for a psychiatric disorder affecting mainly elderly or late middle-aged people, usually accompanied with paranoia.

What is involutional melancholia mean?

Medical Definition of involutional melancholia : agitated depression occurring at about the time of menopause or andropause that was formerly considered a distinct disorder but is now subsumed under major depressive disorder. — called also involutional psychosis.

What does Involutional changes of the brain mean?

As some people age, the folded brain tissue starts to shrink, making the spaces between the folds (the sulci) deeper and wider. These are called involutional brain changes. In many people with dementia, the folds are greatly shrunken.

What is Involutional?

1 : of or relating to involutional melancholia involutional depression. 2 : of or relating to the climacterium and its associated bodily and mental changes the involutional time of life.

What is Involutional changes in the brain?

What is the meaning of Involutional?

Definition of ‘involution’ 1. the act of involving or complicating or the state of being involved or complicated. 2. something involved or complicated.

What does Involutional mean in medical terms?

retrograde change
Involution: A retrograde change. After treatment, a tumor may involute; with advancing age, there may be physical and emotional involution.

Can brain atrophy be cured?

There is no specific treatment or cure for cerebral atrophy. Some symptoms of underlying causes can be managed and treated. Controlling blood pressure and eating a healthy, balanced diet is advised. Some research suggests that physical exercise may slow the speed of atrophy.

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