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What is include statement in JCL?

What is include statement in JCL?

Purpose: Use the INCLUDE statement to: Identify the name of the member of a partitioned data set (PDS) or partitioned data set extended (PDSE) that contains a set of JCL statements (such as DD and OUTPUT JCL statements) called an INCLUDE group.

What are the statements that are not valid to be included in an include statement?

A NAME statement in any data set specified in an INCLUDE statement is invalid; the NAME statement is ignored. All other control statements are processed. The INCLUDE statement is not allowed in a data set that is included from an automatic call library.

Why include statement is used in a JCL?

The main purpose of INCLUDE statement is reusability. For example, common files to be used across many JCLs can be coded as DD statements within INCLUDE member and used in a JCL. An INLCUDE statement can be coded within an INCLUDE member and further nesting can be done up to 15 levels.

What is %include statement in SAS?

SOURCE2. causes the SAS log to show the source statements that are being included in your SAS program. When you specify SOURCE2 in a %INCLUDE statement, it overrides the setting of the SOURCE2 system option for the duration of the include operation.

What does the EXEC statement do?

The EXEC statement marks the beginning of a step within a job, and specifies the name of a program or cataloged procedure to be run. Procedures are named collections of partial JCL, usually one or more EXEC statements and data definition (DD) statements, that perform frequently used functions such as sorting data.

Why do you use include statement in JCL?

You can use INCLUDE statements to imbed INCLUDE groups that contain DD and OUTPUT JCL statements, which allows you to use the same data set definitions for various jobs. parameters, the system substitutes the values that are current at the time the symbolic parameter is encountered.

Where is the include group in the JCL?

Imbed the INCLUDE group in the JCL stream at the position of the INCLUDE statement. The INCLUDE group replaces the INCLUDE statement, and the system processes the imbedded JCL statements as part of the JCL stream.

Can a include statement be preceded by an imbedded statement?

The INCLUDE group replaces the INCLUDE statement, and the system processes the imbedded JCL statements as part of the JCL stream. The JCL statements, which are subject to all JCL processing rules, must be complete statements; that is, you cannot use an imbedded statement to continue the statement that precedes INCLUDE.

Where does include statement go after JOB statement?

Can appear anywhere in the job after the JOB statement, with one exception: if there is a JCLLIB statement, the INCLUDE statement must follow the JCLLIB statement. Must follow a complete JCL statement. Can appear within an INCLUDE group.

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