What is IMO Assembly Resolution A 601 15?

What is IMO Assembly Resolution A 601 15?

601(15) “Provision and Display of Manoeuvring Information on Board Ships”. – Pilot card – The pilot card is intended to provide information to the pilot on boarding the ship. This information should describe the current condition of the ship, with regard to its loading, propulsion and manoeuvring equipment.

What IMO Resolution requires the provision and display of maneuvering information on board ship?

The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS 74 ), as amended. IMO Resolution A. 601 (15) on 19 November 1987 “ Provision and display of manoeuvring information on board ships”, Resolution MSC.

What is shown in the poster that the maneuvering performance of the ship may differ?

The manoeuvring performance of the ship may differ from that shown on the poster due to environmental, hull and loading conditions.

Why do you need the vessel to have a turning circle maneuver?

The ‘Turning Circle Manoeuvre’ can be explained briefly as: First, it is ensured that the vessel is heading forwards in a straight line with a steady approach speed. The ship initially has a tendency to deflect towards the port. Then it takes a large turn to starboard.

What is the turning circle of a ship?

The circle is the path of the ship’s pivot point as it executes a 360° turn. In shallow water, the rate of turn is likely to be decreased, so the vessel will have a larger turning circle.

What are the necessary maneuvering information to be presented to the pilot?

It should contain general particulars and detailed information describing the manoeuvring characteristics of the ship, and be of such a size to ensure ease of use. The manoeuvring performance of the ship may differ from that shown on the poster due to environmental, hull and loading conditions.

What are the important contents of the maneuvering booklet in the ship?

What are the contents of Manoeuvring Booklet?

  • 2.1 Course change performance.
  • 2.2 Turning circles in deep water.
  • 2.3 Accelerating turn.
  • 2.4 Yaw checking tests.
  • 2.5 Man-overboard and parallel course manoeuvres.
  • 2.6 Lateral thruster capabilities.

What is zig zag maneuver?

– Zig-zag test – 10°/10° zig-zag test is the manoeuvre where a known amount of helm (10°) to either side when a known heading deviation (10°) from the original heading is reached. The test yields initial turning time, yaw checking time and overshoot angle.

How do you calculate turning circle of ship at anchor?

Swing Radius = LOA + [ ( RODE ) 2 – ( DEPTH + FREEBOARD)2 ] 1/2

  1. LOA: Overall length of the boat, including any additions or extensions from the stern.
  2. RODE: The length (line to the anchor) of the rode from the bow pulpit to the anchor.
  3. DEPTH: The water depth over the anchor.

How do you calculate the turning circle of a ship?

Let’s say your ship is doing 14 knots and your R.O.T is also 14 deg/min. Turning radius = SOG/ROT , that is 1.0 NM. Now, lay two lines parallel to both the initial course and final course with a distance of Turning Radius i.e 1NM between them. Mark the point where the two lines intersect.

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