What is flagship in business?

What is flagship in business?

In retail business the designation of flagship is given to a retailer’s primary location, a store in a prominent location, a chain’s largest store, the store that holds or sells the highest volume of merchandise, a retailer’s most well-known location, a chain’s first retail outlet, a store location with decor or …

What is flagship product?

A major product of a company, which is typically why the company was founded and/or what made it well known. For example, MS-DOS, Windows and the Microsoft Office suite have been flagship products of Microsoft. Today, it refers to the most important product, service or location in a company.

What is flagship Programme?

Flagship programmes of a government are those programmes which are the main or most important and address major national concerns on health, education, environment, irrigation, urban and rural development, employment and other sectors.

How do you use flagship?

The flagship of his tax cuts was his plan to widen the 10p band of income tax. The order may have been the flagship, but it was beached long ago. The new organisation could be a strong force for the benefit of children and a flagship for profoundly important family policy.

What flagship store means?

A flagship store is the lead store in a retail chain acting as a showcase for the brand or retailer. It’s job is to draw customers into the brand over and above making sales. The focus is on experience and creating a destination store that people want to visit.

Does flagship mean original?

A flagship retail store is the original, most recognizable, or otherwise important location for a brand. Stores are usually designated a retailer’s flagship location if the store: Was the first retail outlet for the brand.

What is flagship model?

A flagship phone is the latest and greatest from a brand. It’s the last phone they released and it’s often the phone that costs the most. Most brands and manufacturers release new and improved smartphone models every year, replacing last year’s flagship phone.

What is another word for great achievement?

What is another word for great achievement?

tour de force masterpiece
feat accomplishment
achievement triumph
coup attainment
deed exploit

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