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What is elaborate design?

What is elaborate design?

adj. 1 planned or executed with care and exactness; detailed. 2 marked by complexity, ornateness, or detail.

What does elaborate on something mean?

1 : to expand something in detail would you care to elaborate on that statement. 2 : to become elaborate (see elaborate entry 1) transitive verb. 1 : to work out in detail : develop elaborate a theory.

What is elaborate and example?

The definition of elaborate is done with great or numerous details. An example of elaborate is a wedding with a horse drawn carriage, a chocolate fountain, perfectly matching linens and a carefully executed theme. An example of elaborate is a chandelier with many branches, hanging crystals and other decorations.

Is it elaborate or elaborate on?

When the verb elaborate is used intransitively, it is followed by the preposition on. The phrasal verb elaborate on refers to providing more details about a matter or topic. Ming offered a few tantalizing details but would not elaborate on the new venture.

How do I elaborate?

Elaboration: 7 Writing Strategies

  1. Describe a Place in Detail.
  2. Use Specific Words to Paint Pictures.
  3. Show How Something Feels, Smells, Tastes, Sounds or Looks.
  4. Compare Two Different Things Through Simile or Metaphor.
  5. Use the Exact Thoughts or Words from a Person.
  6. Describe How Someone or Something Moves.

What is elaborate research?

However, when we are talking about studying using elaboration, it involves explaining and describing ideas with many details. Elaboration also involves making connections among ideas you are trying to learn and connecting the material to your own experiences, memories, and day-to-day life.

Can you elaborate means?

Use the adjective elaborate when you want to describe how something is very detailed or especially complicated, like a devilish prank planned out weeks in advance. The adjective elaborate is used to describe when something is planned with a lot of attention to detail or when something is intricate or detailed itself.

Whats the difference between elaborate and illustrate?

As verbs the difference between elaborate and illustrate is that elaborate is (used with” on ”when used with an object ) to give further detail or explanation (about) while illustrate is (obsolete) to shed light upon; to illuminate.

What are the types of elaboration?

There are five different types of elaboration strategies—mnemonics, rewriting, note-making, comparisons, and self-questioning.

What is a good elaboration?

Elaboration is the process of presenting and developing an idea. In Informational, elaboration means to explain the main idea in depth using key details that also describe or develop the topic. In Opinion, elaboration means to really dig into the reasons that support your opinion and support your opinion.

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