What is CA20 in TM?

What is CA20 in TM?

TM gives you latest promo and enjoy texting and call to your friends and love ones you plus you can text to all networks . With COMBOALL20 you have unli calls and texts to TM / Globe there are 50 texts to all networks-P20 only! KEYWORD DESCRIPTION CA20 To register to the service P20…

How can I register in TM 20 peso?

How to Register to TM ALLNET20. To register to TM ALLNET20, text the keyword AN20 to 8080. Make sure that you have at least ₱20 load balance in order to subscribe to the promo. You will receive a text confirmation if your promo registration is successful.

How register UNLI text in TM?

  1. Unlimited Texts to Globe and TM.
  2. To register, text T10 to 8080.

How load Unli call and text in TM?


  1. Unlimited texts to all networks.
  2. 120 minutes of calls to Globe and TM.
  3. To register, text COMBO20 or C20 to 8080 or dial *143# and choose Combos.
  4. Cost: 20 pesos.
  5. Validity: 3 days.
  6. To extend for 1 more day, text EXTEND to 8080 (additional cost of 5 pesos)

How do I register a combo 20?

To Register to TNT Super Combo 20, simply text SC20 to 4545. SEE ALSO: TNT All Out Surf 30 – it offers 300MB data, unlimited texts to all networks and 30 minutes calls to TNT, Smart and Sun Cellular for 2 days.

How do I register all surf 20?

How To Subscribe To Smart All Out Surf 20, 30, 50, and 99 Data…

  1. Dial *123# and hit call button.
  2. In the pop-up menu, go to “Other Offers” by sending “3”.
  3. Choose “AOS” option by sending “3” again.
  4. Pick the All Out Surf promo that you prefer by sending the correct number for it.

How do I register all net 20?

To register, just dial *123# > Other Offers > ALLNET 20. Make sure to have enough load balance to be able to subscribe to TNT’s All Net 20 promo.

How can I check my internet balance in TM?

How to Check Your TM Balance

  1. Dial *143# on your phone and press Call.
  2. Enter number 7 for Balance Inquiry, then press Send.
  3. You will receive an onscreen message showing your current balance, free texts, and load validity.

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