What is AVX 3D?

What is AVX 3D?

UltraAVX, or Ultra Audio Visual Experience, is Cineplex’s next level of cinema. It features: Reserved seating. A giant, wall-to-wall screen. Stunning picture quality.

Is Ultra AVX worth it?

UltraAVX delivers the most powerful picture quality with stunningly crisp, lifelike detail. It also has the most impressive in-theatre sound system, so you’ll feel totally surrounded by the music and sound effects for maximum suspense and excitement.

What is the difference between D-BOX and Ultra AVX?

D-BOX seats are a block of 20-30 specialized seats in regular or UltraAVX theatres that offer the same pros and cons as the theatre with which they share, but D-BOX seats vibrate and move along with the events on-screen, adding an extra dimension to the movie.

Is AVX better than IMAX?

UltraAVX does boast 16,000 watts vs. IMAX’s 12,000 watts. And yet, I personally feel that IMAX’s sound experience is more immersive. You WILL notice a big difference between traditional screens and IMAX screens.

What is IMAX D-BOX?

D-BOX is changing the way you watch movies by moving the body and sparking the imagination through motion. We remove the line between you and the screen to create hyper-realistic, immersive, one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences that pull you into the story like never before.

What is the difference between IMAX and 3D?

IMAX vs RealD 3D The difference between IMAX and RealD 3D is the 3D technology that they use. IMAX uses Linear polarizing technology and RealD 3D uses Circular polarizing technology. IMAX theaters have the biggest screens than any other theatre formats.

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