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What is APMC in the army?

What is APMC in the army?

The team that assures this is accomplished are the unassuming professionals of the Army Medical Department Professional Management Command (APMC).

How does a reservist get a profile?

How do I request/receive a profile? A profile is requested/received by properly answering the questions on the Profile Request Packet and sending the Profile Request Packet along with the current supporting medical documentation to the AR-MMC mailbox.

How do I request a profile from the army?

Please send profile request packet for a temporary profile or NEW permanent profile to [email protected].

What is Army Reserve medical?

ARMY RESERVE MEDICAL COMMAND provides medical, dental, blood donor and veterinary services, as well as the medical professionals needed for Soldier Readiness Processing and Troop Medical Clinic operations at Mobilization Force Generation Installations located throughout the United States.

Can I join the military at 40 years old?

The age cutoff for Army recruits to join is 35. By comparison, the age cut off for enlisting in the Air Force is 39 years old, followed by the Navy at 34 and the Marines at 28, according to a Military Times report on military age limits in 2020.

How do you get a temporary profile in the army?

Ask for a profile from the attending physician. The physician may issue a temporary profile for your condition, or in some cases may write up a permanent profile. A temporary profile means you are under the care of a doctor for a medical or surgical condition with an assumption you will recover.

How much does an Army Reserve doctor make?

Payments are made in the amount of up to $40,000 each year for a maximum total of $250,000. Special Pay. The Healthcare Professional Bonus (HPB) pays a $75,000 recruitment bonus for physicians joining the Army Reserve who have completed residency programs in certain specialties.

Will the Army Reserve pay for medical school?

By serving part time in the Military, medical students and residents can participate in stipend programs that can help pay for their schooling. Regardless of where you are in your training, serving in the Reserve or Guard can provide you with invaluable experience and other benefits.

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