What is an external ambulatory infusion pump?

What is an external ambulatory infusion pump?

An external infusion pump is a medical device used to deliver fluids into a patient’s body in a controlled manner. Others, called ambulatory infusion pumps, are designed to be portable or wearable. A number of commonly used infusion pumps are designed for specialized purposes.

What is K0455?

K0455 is a valid 2021 HCPCS code for Infusion pump used for uninterrupted parenteral administration of medication, (e.g., epoprostenol or treprostinol) or just “Pump uninterrupted infusion” for short, used in Rental of DME.

Is A9274 covered by Medicare?

Disposable drug delivery systems, including elastomeric infusion pumps (A4305, A4306, A9274) are non-covered devices because they do not meet the Medicare definition of durable medical equipment. Drugs and supplies used with disposable drug delivery systems are also non-covered items.

What is HCPC code a9274?


What is Volumetric infusion pump?

Volumetric infusion pumps (VIP) are medical devices capable of delivering continuous and very specific amounts of fluids at very slow to very fast rates. Infusion pumps are commonly used to control the flow of intravascular drugs, fluids, whole blood, and blood products to patients.

What is the CPT code for insulin pump?

CPT Code 99091 The Endocrine Society has verified that insulin pump data is considered physiologic data and its review and analysis is covered by this service.

What is CPT code A4221?

A4221 Supplies for maintenance of non-insulin drug infusion catheter, per week (list drugs separately)

What is Hcpcs a9274?

How often should I Bill HCPCS code k0553?

No more than 1 unit of service of HCPCS code K0553 is billable per 30 days. February does not have 30 days, so you must adjust your billing schedule if you bill on the same date each month. Use modifier KX if the beneficiary is insulin treated. Use modifier KS if the beneficiary is non-insulin treated.

What is the HCPCS code for ther CGM?

K0553 is a valid 2019 HCPCS code for Supply allowance for therapeutic continuous glucose monitor (cgm), includes all supplies and accessories, 1 month supply = 1 unit of service or just “ Ther cgm supply allowance ” for short, used in Other medical items or services .

What is the CGM supply allowance code k0553?

Code K0553 describes a supply allowance used with a therapeutic CGM device. The supply allowance includes all items necessary for the use of the device.

When to use the KX modifier on a CGM?

When LCD requirements are met, you must add the KX modifier and the CG modifier to both the CGM device (code K0554) and the supply allowance (code K0553). Do not use the KX modifier if the beneficiary is not being treated with insulin.

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