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What is an example of a post-industrial economy?

What is an example of a post-industrial economy?

A good example of this is the gaming community. Since post-industrial societies focus on services and not manufacturing goods, it follows that manufacturing has to occur somewhere and leads to outsourcing to other countries, usually industrialized societies.

What is the postindustrial economy of the United States?

A phrase that describes the shift of some major industrial economies in the late twentieth century away from producing goods and toward producing services.

What does a postindustrial economy emphasize?

A term used by social theorists to describe the stage of economic development that follows industrialization. The postindustrial society emphasizes not the production of goods, but of services, which depend on intelligent designers and users of technology.

What is a post-industrial economy quizlet?

STUDY. What is a post-industrial economy? where manufacturing is declining and replaced by a growing service sector and developing quaternary sector.

What are the characteristics of post-industrial?

Essential Characteristics of Post-Industrial Society

  • People work with other people to deliver a service:
  • Transformation of working class to professional middle class:
  • Emergence of knowledge elites:
  • Growth of multiple networks:
  • Divide in society:
  • He (1982) has explained the division of society in the following words:

What is post-industrial theory?

Postindustrial society, society marked by a transition from a manufacturing-based economy to a service-based economy, a transition that is also connected with subsequent societal restructuring. A transition from the production of goods to the production of services, with very few firms directly manufacturing any goods.

What is known as a post industrial society?

What is a post industrial society quizlet?

STUDY. society. an extended social group having a distinctive cultural and economic organization. hunting and gathering society.

What is the difference of industrial and post industrial societies?

An industrial society features a labor theory based on value, and industry develops proceeds with the creation of labor-saving devices which substitute capital for labor. In a post-industrial society, knowledge is the basis for invention and innovation. It creates added value, increases returns and saves capital.

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