What is a Sun Gold tomato?

What is a Sun Gold tomato?

Sun Gold Tomato is an indeterminate, hybrid variety with a flavor that is unlike any other tomato. Sun Gold is considered one of the most popular cherry tomatoes because of its production and flavor. Fruits grow in huge clusters that average 10-15 fruits per cluster.

What does a Sun Gold tomato look like?

The SunGold tomato is an orange-colored cherry tomato cultivar with a sugary-sweet tropical taste. These modern hybrids grow on long, indeterminate vines which fruit throughout the summer. SunGold plants are easy to grow and resistant to common tomato diseases.

How big do sun gold tomatoes get?

“Sungold,” another indeterminate vine tomato, typically grows to over 8 feet.

How tall do Sungold tomato plants grow?

10 ft tall
One website that sells the seeds and starts says they have “explosively sweet flavor.” They mature in 55 to 65 days and the plant can grow up to 10 ft tall. Because they are indeterminate producers, they will continue to produce tomatoes which ripen throughout the growing period.

How do you look after Sungold tomato plants?

Care Tips For Sungold Tomatoes Make sure that you keep Sungold tomatoes well watered throughout the growing season. Try also to ensure that you always water the soil at the base of the plant, where the water is needed – not the foliage.

When can I plant Sungold tomatoes outside?

Growing Sungold Cherry Tomato Plants Start them indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost and transplant them outdoors after your last frost date. If growing in a container, make sure it is at least 18” wide.

Are Sun Gold Tomatoes determinate?

They can be indeterminate or determinate. Some cherry tomatoes are indeterminate. For example, the Sun Gold Tomato from Johnny’s Selected seeds is an indeterminate cherry tomato variety. The fruits on this plant are bright orange and weigh 15 to 20 grams. Other cherry tomatoes are determinate.

Are Sungold Tomatoes indeterminate?

Sungold is an indeterminate hybrid cherry tomato. It’s orange/gold fruits weigh about a half-ounce each. Their flavour is very sweet, with just enough tartness that you know you are eating a tomato.

Is Sungold tomato a hybrid?

Sungold is a popular variety of Tomato, which belongs to the Solanum genus (Solanum lycopersicum ‘Sungold’). ‘Sungold’ is considered a hybrid cultivar. When ripe, fruit appear in these approximate colours: Chrome yellow and Golden yellow. Sungold is an indeterminate hybrid cherry tomato.

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