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What is a substitute for zwieback toast?

What is a substitute for zwieback toast?

melba toast
A: Zwieback is still available, but it can be difficult to locate. You can order it online, but easy-to-find substitutes would be crushed plain melba toast or crunchy panko breadcrumbs.

Who sells Trenary toast?

Find Our Stores

  • Trenary Mini Mart. Trenary Toast, Cinnamon Bread & Limpu.
  • Rapid River Mini Mart. Trenary Toast, Limpu & Cinnamon Bread.
  • Pantry Restaurant & Truck Stop. Trenary Toast.
  • Sall-Mart. Trenary Toast.
  • Grain ‘N’ Grape. Trenary Toast & Cinnamon Bread.
  • Gladstone Mobile.
  • North Bluff Shell Station.
  • Elmers County Market.

Is Trenary toast Finnish?

Welcome to the home of Trenary Toast! For over 90 years we have made authentic Finnish Dunking Toast and Rye Breads that have become a Midwest Favorite. Try us today – your morning coffee will thank you.

What is zwieback toast made of?

Zwieback is a crispy, sweetened bread made with eggs and baked twice. It is sliced before it is baked for the second time, which then results in a crispy, brittle slice that closely resembles melba toast or rusk.

Can you still buy zwieback?

Discontinued. Dropped. “No longer available,” as the marketing arm of their various parent companies will tell you. But—what about the pie whose crust calls for Zwieback crumbs?

Is zwieback a melba toast?

Zwieback toast is sweetened white bread that is baked twice to produce a hardened piece of toast. Alternatively, Melba toast is white bread that is sliced thin and toasted until it is crispy.

How long does Trenary toast last?

365 days
All Trenary Toast products have a shelf life of 365 days from the date of manufacture – and the best part is Trenary Toast contains no artifical ingredients or preservatives! Store in a cool and dry place free of excess humidity and enjoy.

What is Trenary bread?

TRENARY — It’s just toast. It’s dry and hard. And it’s sold in a plain brown paper bag. Yet, it’s been incredibly popular for years in the Upper Peninsula. They literally teethed on it,” said Andy Reichert, the 50-year-old owner of Trenary Home Bakery, the maker of the famous toast.

How do you eat Trenary toast?

Eating Trenary Toast Here’s a tip, dunk it in your favorite hot beverage or eat in a bowl of warmed milk! If you’re not a dunker, lather your toast in your favorite spread like peanut butter, Nutella, or butter. All of Trenary Home Bakery’s toast products have a shelf life of one year.

What happened to zweiback?

For those of us who remember Nabisco Zwieback Toasts—and our number is legion, I’d presume—you might notice that they’re no longer on the grocery store shelf. Sadly, they’ve gone to that Big Sam’s Club in the Sky, same place you’ll find Turkish Taffy, Burry Fudgetowns, Royal Lunch crackers, and Hostess Choco-Bliss.


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