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What is a Mosfet regulator rectifier?

What is a Mosfet regulator rectifier?

MOSFETs (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) are semiconductor switches which act to control the flow of electrical current. In some cases, installing a MOSFET-style rectifier/regulator can even improve the overall wattage available.

What is regulator rectifier?

A regulator rectifier is a standard component of this circuitry. In any case, the regulator rectifier converts the AC power into DC power, then regulates the DC power to ensure that the power doesn’t go over around 14.5 volts. At this point, the DC voltage routes to the battery of the bike.

Are regulator rectifiers universal?

They all work in the same way though and are pretty interchangeable. Once you get into slightly older bikes, you start to see seperate regulators and rectifiers. If they still have a 3 phase, 12v charging system with magnets, these are interchangeable too, and interchangeable with a modern, ‘one piece’ unit.

What is a MOSFET regulator?

A MOSFET-type regulator, however, uses the much more efficient MOSFET transistor to perform the switching. The MOSFET is extremely quick to switch positions and requires much less current, resulting in a much cooler unit and significantly more stable battery voltage.

How does a MOSFET voltage regulator work?

A MOSFET is a semiconductor switch. It varies the resistance between two pins in response to a voltage on a third pin. Inside the MOSFET, the voltage on the third pin (the gate) pulls electrons into a narrow path between the other two pins (the source and drain), allowing electricity to flow.

What is the difference between a regulator and a rectifier?

Perhaps the biggest thing to note is that a rectifier converts input AC power into DC electrical power. Regulators are, on the other hand, systems configured to automatically maintain a constant voltage level to protect various apparatus against damage that can be caused by fluctuating voltage.

Can I use any rectifier?

You can’t just plug any regulator rectifier in and expect it to work. By using a regulator rectifier, the battery’s output-voltage is regulated to the necessary 14.4 Vdc. Choosing Your Regulator Rectifier. A 3-phase AC generator is often used because it’s more efficient and more reliable than a DC generator.

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