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What is a loft and lie machine?

What is a loft and lie machine?

The angle machine, often referred to as a loft/lie machine. After analyzing your swing, the clubfitter uses this instrument to adjust your clubs to the natural tendencies of your game. The most important aspect of any loft/lie machine is its ability to lock every club into the same, uniform position.

Does changing loft affect lie?

As you change the loft and the face angle, you will also change the lie unless there is a separate setting to alter the lie independently of loft. Loft changes the ball flight vertically and lie changes the ball flight horizontally.

Can you bend driver loft?

The beauty of today’s modern drivers is that you can usually adjust your driver loft up or down by 1 to 2 degrees. So when you are getting fit for your next driver, you need to know the actual loft of your driver, your club speed, launch angle and attack angle.

How much does it cost to adjust a loft and lie?


Adjust loft/lie irons $5.00 per club
Adjust loft/lie putter $7.50 per club

Whats the difference between loft and lie?

The angle between the imaginary vertical line that we envisioned and the club face is called the “loft”. In that playing position, the angle between the centerline of the club shaft and the floor (between your feet) is called the “lie”.

Does decreasing loft open the face?

When you lower the loft of a golf club, you are also going to close the angle of the clubface. If you increase the loft on a club, you will open the face angle on the club. As you open the face, the loft on the club will increase.

What is the loft of an 8 iron?

37-39 degrees
An 8 iron loft is 37-39 degrees.

How much does a loft lie machine cost?

No clue on the golfworks one but the only one I recommend from golfsmith is there Ultimate Loft Lie Machine for $699.99 #250639. All the others in there line are cheap and not as accurate.

What’s the difference between a loft and a lie?

LOFT: $1.00ea club not needing adjustment; $2.00ea club that needs adjustment. Lie is the angle from the shaft to the ground when the golf club is placed in a normal playing stance position. It enables the sole of the club head to strike the ground flat if it is correct. An incorrect lie negatively impacts your golf club performance.

How often do you use the Golfsmith loft and lie bending machine?

Golfsmith Loft/Lie Bending Machine For clubmakers who only perform the task a few times a year or those who are just getting started, the Loft/Lie Bending Machine is the economical way to bend irons for loft & lie angle adjustments.

Can a loft and lie be adjusted on a putter?

Putters do have loft and lie as well that can be adjusted. Instead of going out an buying a new putter when dissatisfied with your results, try and have it adjusted and fitted. Therefore, you can improve your putting stats by having your putter adjusted to match your physical build and putting stroke.

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