What is a lightbox on Dreamstime?

What is a lightbox on Dreamstime?

The lightbox is a feature you can use to save images you like or consider for future purchase. It is mostly used by buyers.

Can I use Dreamstime images for commercial use?

If you want to use the images in final projects, you need to license them by upgrading to a commercial plan. To get the non-watermarked versions of your free downloads, simply re-download the files from your archive after you upgrade: https://www.dreamstime.com/downloads – see the re-download link.

Is Dreamstime legitimate?

Dreamstime is a stock photo agency with almost 15 years in the industry. Being one of the early players in the microstock business, they forged a great reputation and are amongst the top companies in the space. Dreamstime is a very valid option to buy cheap stock photos from a reliable outlet.

What is Sr El?

Sell the Rights (SR-EL): This license represents a full ownership of the downloaded media. The agency will disable the media immediately after the buyer acquired this license.

What does royalty free mean?

Royalty Free (hereafter, RF) means that after the initial permission is secured, usually through money, additional uses can be made without payment. RF is multiple use free of royalties. Pay once, put the photo on a t-shirt, upload it to your website, print out some fliers, get it tattooed on your forehead.

Are Dreamstime images safe?

Yes, Dreamstime is safe. The images, videos, and audio files submitted by our contributors meet our legal, quality, and aesthetics standards, all covered by a review team. All of our pages are secured, including our credits buying page, so you can safely pay and download the desired images from Dreamstime.

Are Dreamstime images copyrighted?

Global Public Content – no known copyright restrictions All Global Public Content media you download from Dreamstime are subject to our Sensitive Subject restrictions and you should not use them in connection with offering a service that is competitive to Dreamstime.

How do I become a Dreamstime contributor?

How to become a Dreamstime contributor

  1. Register.
  2. Upload images (photos, videos, vector illustrations) or audio files.
  3. Describe your images.
  4. Submit for review.

What does 100% royalty free mean?

As Chris from our team explains in this video, the copyright free or royalty free music definition simply means that no one owns the copyright to said music and no royalties must be paid.

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