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What is a good hand size for a receiver?

What is a good hand size for a receiver?

Reagor should be one of the best athletic testers at the receiver position and can win at all three levels of the field….

Mr. Average
Hand Size 938 (9 3/8″)
Arm Length 3200 (32″)
Wingspan 7648 (76 1/2″)
Unofficial 40-Time (Stopwatch) 4.46 seconds

Do NFL wide receivers have big hands?

The wide receiver with the biggest hands was 6-foot-4, 230 pound Juwan Johnson of Oregon, who’s hands measured 10 4/8 inches. The receiver with the second-largest hands was 6-3, 225 pound Dezmon Patmon of Washington State who’s hands measured at 10 2/8 inches.

What NFL receiver has the smallest hands?

Aiyuk, despite being one of the shortest receivers at the combine at 5-11.625 inches, had one of the widest wingspans at 80 inches….​​Wide Receivers.

Name Brandon Aiyuk
Height 5-11 5/8
Weight 205
Hand 9 6/8
Arm 33 4/8

How big are Josh Allen’s hands?

Professional career

Height Weight Hand size
6 ft 47⁄8 in (1.95 m) 237 lb (108 kg) 101⁄8 in (0.26 m)
All values are from NFL Combine

What WR has the biggest hands?

Robert Wadlow (USA), the tallest man ever, had hands that measured 32.3 cm (12.75 in) from the wrist to the tip of his middle finger.

How big is Russell Wilson’s hand?

Professional football career

Height Weight Hand size
5 ft 105⁄8 in (1.79 m) 204 lb (93 kg) 101⁄4 in (0.26 m)
All values from NFL Combine

How big is Mike Vick hands?

He named quality starting quarterbacks with the same hand size or smaller that found success in the NFL. “About the hand measurement of #LSU’s Joe Burrow: 3 guys with 9-inch hands (or smaller) became quality starters – Michael Vick (8.5), Tony Romo (8.86) & Ryan Tannehill (9).

How big are Carson Wentz hands?

With a handspan measuring 10.00 inches, Carson Wentz has some pretty enormous hands.

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