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What is a certified procurement professional?

What is a certified procurement professional?

The Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) program is for professionals who have demonstrated the skills to successfully implement improved purchasing and supply chain practices as part of a business solution in an organization.

What does Nigp stand for?

National Institute of Governmental Purchasing
“NIGP” stands for the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc.

What does Uppcc stand for?

The Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (UPPCC), Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB) credential is for non-managers who work as public buyers within a public/governmental agency.

Is the NIGP-CPP certification program accredited by Anab?

This recognition is the compelling reason why the NIGP-CPP certification program has been developed following all ANSI ISO 17024 standards necessary for the operation of certification bodies. The NIGP-CPP certification program will be seeking accreditation through ANAB within the next year.

Is the NIGP certified procurement professional ( NIGP-CPP ) program integrated?

And since the NIGP-CPP is integrated within NIGP’s Pathways program, the certification program complements NIGP’s research program and the constantly expanding learning modules; providing assurances that the NIGP-CPP remains relevant to the competencies you need to be a successful leader in your career – today and into the future.

What’s the difference between the NIGP-CPP and CPPO?

The NIGP-CPP is a competency-based exam based on the Public Procurement Competency Framework (PPCF) which focuses on knowledge, skills and performance. The CPPO and CPPB are knowledge-based exams based on the Public Procurement Body of Knowledge (PPBOK).

How many competency statements are in the NIGP-CPP?

The NIGP-CPP is based on 43 competency statements within seven areas of focus within the PPCF. The CPPO and CPPB are based on 88 knowledge statements within six major domains. The knowledge statements are the same for the CPPO and CPPB; although the weighted percentages are different.

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