What is a 1994 Honda Shadow worth?

What is a 1994 Honda Shadow worth?


Excellent $4,685
Very Good $2,875
Good $1,310
Fair $585
Poor N/A

How much does a 1994 Honda Magna weigh?

1994–2003 V45 (VF750C) Magna

1999 Honda Magna with aftermarket saddle and exhaust.
Manufacturer Honda
Seat height 28.0 in (710 mm)
Weight 550 lb (250 kg) (wet)
Fuel capacity 3.6 US gal (14 l; 3.0 imp gal)

How much is a 1994 Goldwing worth?


Excellent $11,310
Very Good $6,910
Good $3,170
Fair $1,255
Poor N/A

What is the best Honda motorcycle ever built?

6 Best Honda Motorcycles Ever Made

  • Gold Wing. Considered one of the most comfortable cruiser motorcycles on the market, even after 40 years this bike is still a favorite with long-distance riders.
  • CBR 1100XX Super Blackbird. This was the black panther of bikes, built to rival the Kawasaki ZX-11.
  • VFR750R RC30.
  • Rebel.

What is the best motorcycle ever built?

The 25 Greatest Motorcycles of the Last 100 Years

  • 1923 BMW R32. Photo : Photo Courtesy of BMW Motorrad.
  • 1937 Brough Superior SS100. Photo : Photo by Joe MiGo.
  • 1950 Vincent Black Shadow.
  • 1955 Moto Guzzi V8.
  • 1957 Harley-Davidson Sportster.
  • 1962 Norton Manx.
  • 1969 Honda CB750.
  • 1969 Honda Z50A (Monkey Bike)

Do Honda motorcycles hold their value?

The market leader in motorcycle valuations, Glass’s Guide, has provided us with the following motorcycle trade-in values over the first five years of ownership….(FCAI sales data 2014)

Brand Honda
12/20000km 59
24/40000km 50
36/60000km 47
48/80000km 41

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