What is a 1985 Jaguar worth?

What is a 1985 Jaguar worth?

Data based on 24 auction sales. note: The images shown are representations of the 1985 Jaguar XJ6 and not necessarily vehicles that have been bought or sold at auction….Jaguar Models.

Bodystyles Median Sale
Sedan $5,000
Sedan $3,732

Are Jaguar XJS reliable?

Though many buyers might baulk at the thought of running (and maintaining) a V12, Jaguar’s classic powerplant is an inherently reliable unit – as long as its owner is fastidious when it comes to maintenance.

How many XJS are still on the road?

2021 2017
JAGUAR XJS 3.6 131 127
JAGUAR XJS C-3.6 96 103

What’s the top speed of a 1985 Jaguar XJS?

The 1985 Jaguar XJS V12 HE is a car manufactured by Jaguar, sold new from year 1983 until 1991. With a maximum top speed of 149 mph (240 km/h), the XJS HE V12 has a naturally-aspirated V-12 engine… More Info › Gateway Classic Cars of Orlando is proud to offer this beautiful classic 1990 Jaguar XJS.

Is the 1989 Jaguar XJS V12 a convertible?

1989 Jaguar XJS V12 ConvertibleHere is a 1989 Jaguar XJS V12 Convertible featured with 70,815 miles on the odometer is available in blue with a sand beige interior. The vehicle comes with a clean C… More Info ›

What kind of Miles does a 1993 Jaguar XJS have?

1993 Jaguar XJS Convertible Here is a 1993 Jaguar XJS Convertible featured with 78,870 miles on the odometer and is available in British Racing Green with a sand beige interior. The vehicle comes w… More Info ›

What kind of engine does a 1988 Jaguar XJS have?

1988 Jaguar XJS Coup, with 133,263 miles, Red exterior, tan interior with walnut trim. V12, 24 valve engine, rear wheel 3 speed automatic. Power steering and power disc brakes.

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