What illness does Darren Scott have?

What illness does Darren Scott have?

Darren’s fight against cancer has been a long-standing one, as he was first diagnosed with Melanoma in 2012. After extensive treatment, Darren was in remission until October this year, when he faced a renewed cancer scare after doctors found melanoma in his upper left lobe in his lung.

Which radio station is Darren Scott on?

Darren Scott is the current host of the Just Plain Drive programme on OFM, broadcast weekdays from 4pm to 7pm across the Free State, Northern Cape and North West. Darren is also the host of a programme on Mix FM in Johannesburg, and the host of the weekend breakfast show on Bok Radio in Cape Town.

Is Darren Scott still with OFM?

Darren Scott has been released from his contract with OFM, the sound of your life. Earlier in August, Darren requested to be released from his commitments to OFM; contractually due to end on March 2020.

Who owns Mix FM?

EON Broadcasters
Along with 91.9 Sea FM, 92.7 Mix FM is owned by EON Broadcasters. Prior to 2013, Southern Cross Austereo owned the stations, but their sale was forced when the merger of Southern Cross Media Group with Austereo took place in 2011.

Who is Darren Scott?

Darren Scott is a veteran radio and television presenter in South Africa. He has been in the radio and television industry for decades now and has grown to become a role model to many aspiring radio hosts and TV presenters.

Who was Sarah Kate Seaward married to?

Darren Scott
“I CRIED tears of joy the whole day”, says budding actress SarahKate Seaward speaking about her recent marriage to East Coast Radio’s Darren Scott. After seven years of dating the couple said their marriage vows to each other at an out-of-the-ordinary wedding at The Orient Hotel near Hartebeesport Dam.

How old is Sarah Kate Seaward?

She is 25 years old and currently lives in Hartebeestpoort.

What is wrong with Darren Scotts face?

Johannesburg- Hot FM radio personality Darren Scott on Thursday morning underwent surgery to remove a melanoma in his lung. Darren was successfully in remission until now, after having melanoma removed in 2012.

How many listeners does Mix FM have?

Information about the radio Their audience is estimated to be around 180,000-200,000 listeners. Mix 93.8 FM radio station entertains, educates and informs. So they not only play music but also broadcast talk shows.

Where is Mix FM based?

Mix FM (Johannesburg) This is a community radio station located in Midrand, in the province of Gauteng. Some of its most popular programmes are Blewitt for Breakfast, Lunchtime with Saskia V, Buildaid Show, Motoring Show, Rockfest and many others.

Who was Sarah-Kate Seaward married to?

What did Darren Scott do in South Africa?

Darren was the first South African presenter ever to host two prime time radio shows in a day. He hosted the PM Drive on East Coast and the Breakfast Show on Jacaranda for two years. He also repeated the trend recently when he earned two radio hosting positions in OFM and Hot 91.9FM.

Where does Darren Scott present on the radio?

Over time, he has managed to present on famous radio stations such as 5FM, Capital radio, Supersport, Hot 91.9FM, 702, Jacaranda 94.2, East Coast Radio, and MNET. Darren is no newbie in the radio and television hosting industry.

How old is Darren Scott from Ballz Visual Radio?

Darren Scott has a very successful career. With over thirty-five years of experience in radio and twenty years of experience in TV, this 55-year-old continues to make money in the industry. He is the founder of the Ballz Visual Radio.

What did Darren Scott and Sarah Kate announce?

Popular radio and TV personality Darren Scott and his wife, former Mrs South Africa Sarah-Kate Scott, have announced their separation in a joint statement. Darren uploaded this collage on Saturday after receiving a family visit in hospital where he is recuperating from an op three weeks ago.

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