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What happens in visit 4viewers in Hollyoaks?

What happens in visit 4viewers in Hollyoaks?

Visit 4Viewers Secrets are exposed, and Verity is in the hot seat. Grace gets a new flatmate. Misbah and Cleo feel the pressure. A one-night stand leads to a hasty decision. Misbah is overwhelmed when the past threatens her family life and an error is made at work Tony’s running out of options.

Who is Nate Denby in Hollyoaks real life?

Nate Denby is the roommate of Grace Black and Ripley Lennox . Nate arrived in the village in September 2021, looking to move into 3 Oakdale Drive as a flatmate. The owner, Grace, was left smitten when she met Nate (as was Grace’s friend Scott Drinkwell, who was quickly sent away by Grace).

What happens in the Maalik family in Hollyoaks?

Secrets are exposed in the Maalik family, and Verity is in the hot seat. An anonymous gift for Peri leads to an argument. Grace gets a new flatmate.

What does Timmy Simons do in Hollyoaks?

Timmy Simons is an associate of Fergus Collins, assisting him with the technical side of an online ‘service’ Fergus provides; which involves the live video capture of women (without their consent), through placing hidden cameras in their houses and business Fergus owns. This section or article is a stub.

Who is the girl who plays Myra in Hollyoaks?

Nicole Barber-Lane a British actress best known for playing Myra McQueen in the long-running teen soap Hollyoaks Before working in Hollyoaks, She was successful cabaret singer for several years, in her own right and also as part of The duo REZQ. Barber-Lane appeared in Emmerdale, Bodies, The Cops, and in a Yorkshire Building Society commercial.

What happens to Luke and Cher in Hollyoaks?

Luke gets into danger as he searches for the truth. Cher receives some shocking news. A Paralympic star gives Sid some advice. One villager’s actions have dangerous results. Mercedes deals with the repercussions of her actions. Cher takes some dangerous advice. Mercedes and Donna-Marie go head-to-head.

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