What happens if you clear the castle before the quest?

What happens if you clear the castle before the quest?

If the Sole Survivor clears the Castle before receiving this quest, the mirelurk battle is skipped. Preston will be impressed at the feat, and the quest will proceed directly to clearing the mirelurk eggs and powering the transmitter.

Do Minutemen spawn at the castle?

The built-in Castle radio, which broadcasts Radio Freedom, will attract more minutemen to the Castle; however, it appears to stop recruiting after the Castle has a total of five Minutemen.

Can you skip the Minutemen?

Simply never go to Concord, and you can completely skip the Minutemen and Preston Garvey’s quests for a very long time if not forever. By going to various Settlements, you will get the same quests – Garvey is just directing you to new Settlements, while you can actually do these things on your own time.

How many settlers can you have in the castle?

Each settlement has a default max population of 10 settlers plus each point of Charisma the character has, which has a base max of 21 before factoring in extra charisma from armor and consumables.

How do Minutemen recruit their settlements?

To recruit settlements, listen to Radio Freedom or talk to Preston to receive information about settlements that have requested aid. Once there are eight settlements, the Castle will come under attack by the Institute, triggering Defend the Castle.

How do you trigger taking independence?

You should receive the chance to start this quest after completing few main and minor (random) quests for Minutemen. During the conversation with Preston Garvey in the Sanctuary, he will ask for your help in reclaiming the Castle that was the main quarter of the Minutemen in the past.

How do the Minutemen settle?

Go into the console and click on the Minuteman you want in your settlement and type “Addkeyword workshopallowmove”. This command will allow you to move the Minuteman to another settlement as if they were a Settler. Now go into the workshop, and move them to the Settlement you are in.

Can you beat Fallout 4 without joining a faction?

1 Answer. No. This step requires you to side with a major faction, but your allegiance can still be changed. There is no other way to end the faction war.

Where did the Minutemen start to fight back?

minutemen Local militia units in the American Revolution. The first such units formed in Massachusetts in 1774, and minutemen took part in the opening battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775.

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