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What happens if the waveguide cover is damaged?

What happens if the waveguide cover is damaged?

You can use your microwave without a waveguide, but when the waveguide is damaged, the steam and vaporized food particles collect on the oven’s electronic components. If this does happen, the circuit boards in the microwave will short and corrode.

Can I use my microwave without a waveguide cover?

While it may appear you can continue to use your microwave oven without the waveguide cover, we highly recommend you do not. Continued use could cause a short and/or corrosion to the unit’s magnetron and internal circuits creating a safety hazard as well as eventually rendering the unit beyond repair.

What causes microwave arcing?

Arcing, seen as sparks or flashes within the microwave oven, occurs when electromagnetic waves emitted from the magnetron during cooking strike a metallic or reflective surface. The container or cookware used during cooking may also cause arcing if it is unsuitable for microwave use.

Does arcing ruin a microwave?

If not used properly, arcing can occur and cause damage to the microwave oven.

What is a waveguide cover made of?

mica sheets
The cover made of mica sheets usually employed inside microwave oven to stop food and moistures falling into the open waveguide cavity.

Is my microwave safe to use after arcing?

Is a Sparking Microwave Dangerous? In most cases, you’re perfectly safe if your microwave starts sparking. However, if you see sparks in the microwave, you should still turn it off immediately. Sparks will damage the inside of your microwave permanently.

Why is my microwave arcing and sparking?

Sparks in the microwave are usually caused by the microwaves hitting a metal object inside the appliance. Metals conduct electricity with lots of electrons which move freely. If metal is put into the appliance, the microwaves cause the electrons to move around, producing sparks and heat.

What is a microwave arcing event?

The term “arcing” refers to sparks inside the microwave oven. These sparks are caused when microwaves react to gold paint on dishes, twist ties and other metallic materials, like aluminum foil.

Why is the waveguide cover on my microwave oven arcing?

If your microwave oven is sparking or ‘arcing’ during cooking it may be that the waveguide cover is damaged. Usually the cover is made of a material called mica.

What to do if your microwave is sparking or arcing?

Try removing the waveguide cover and see if the problem resolves. If the waveguide cover is burnt or will not stay in place, replace it…. Solution 2: The paint on the interior of the microwave might be chipped. If the paint is chipped, the interior metal will be exposed, causing the microwave to spark or arc.

How big is a microwave waveguide sheet cover?

Microwave Waveguide Cover Mica Sheet Replacement Part Suitable for MM721NH1-PW MM721NG1-PW M1-L213B 211A, 2.53″ x 4.17″ Thickness 0.4mm – 4 Pack 4.6 out of 5 stars36 $6.99$6.99

Where is the cardboard cover on a microwave?

The cardboard cover on the right top or side wall of the microwave interior is there by design. The cardboard (mica) covers the waveguide system that feeds microwave energy into the cavity and should not be removed. The microwave should not be used for any function if this cardboard cover is not in place.

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