What happened to the model that walked into the airplane propeller?

What happened to the model that walked into the airplane propeller?

Texas model hit by propeller felt unease, fear before accident and beforehand remembers just ‘grabbing on to the side of the seat and praying’ Lauren Scruggs, 24, says she felt an inexplicable sense of fear just before she was struck by a still-spinning plane propeller, resulting in the loss of her left eye and arm.

Who did Lauren Scruggs marry?

Jason Kennedym. 2014
Lauren Scruggs/Spouse
Personal life. On May 30, 2014, Scruggs became engaged to television personality Jason Kennedy. The couple were married on December 12, 2014.

How did Lauren Scruggs lose her arm?

Scruggs said her husband, E! News anchor Jason Kennedy, would “love” for her to take off her prosthesis in public. Scruggs made headlines in 2011 after she accidentally walked into a spinning airplane propeller, resulting in the loss of her left eye and part of an arm.

Does Lauren Kennedy have a glass eye?

Among her many challenges, Lauren Scruggs Kennedy found it difficult to maintain her sense of style after she lost her left eye and part of her left arm in a propeller accident in 2012. For her, getting a prosthetic just a few months after the accident helped her start that journey.

What kind of propellers are used in model airplanes?

Broad range of R/C Propellers for Model Airplanes from 5″ to 24″ made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite and Maple / Beach wood.

What to keep away from model airplane prop?

Keep loose clothing, shirt sleeves, and other such items away from the prop and avoid carrying objects that can fall into the prop such as pens, screwdrivers, etc. Be sure to keep the glow driver wire out of the prop path.

Which is the correct propellor size for a plane?

Starting Propellor sizes are mid range pitch props that should fly just about any plane designed for that size engine. Use these first as in most cases they will be close to being the correct size. Then use trial and error to try and fine tune the maximum performance from your ship by trying the alternate props.

What to do when starting a model airplane?

When starting the engine, keep spectators at least 20 feet clear of the model and out of the path of the propeller. Keep hands away from the prop as much as possible. Use a chicken stick or and electric starter. Keep face and body out of prop arc as engine is started and run.


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