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What happened to Sally Traffic on Radio 2?

What happened to Sally Traffic on Radio 2?

Following a brief foray into acting, Boazman took a post in the current affairs department of London Weekend Television where she worked as a secretary for the future BBC Director General Greg Dyke. Boazman now continues to provide traffic news reports at weekends for BBC Radio 2 with Orna Merchant.

How old is Sally Boseman?

64 years (September 13, 1957)
Sally Boazman/Age

What is Sally Traffic’s real name?

Sally Boazman is known throughout the UK as BBC Radio 2’s “Sally Traffic”. After working with the likes of Steve Wright, Johnnie Walker, Ken Bruce, Jeremy Vine, Chris Evans and Simon Mayo, she has become known as the woman who changed the face of traffic news.

Who is the longest serving Radio 2 presenter?

Sir Terry Wogan
The show’s longest serving host to date was Sir Terry Wogan, who worked on the programme for 28 years in 2 separate stints, from 3 April 1972 until 28 December 1984, and again from 4 January 1993 until 18 December 2009.

What has happened to Lynn Bowles?

On 16 March 2018, during The Chris Evans Breakfast Show and Ken Bruce’s mid-morning show, Bowles announced that she would be leaving BBC Radio 2, after 18 years of broadcasting. Her last day was 29 March 2018. Bowles continues with her BBC Radio Wales broadcasting.

Who is Orna Merchant?

Orna is a Travel reporter at BBC Radio 5 live. Orna was a Presenter at Signal 2 until August 2016.

Who is Bobby Prior?

Bobbie Pryor is the regular weekday afternoon travel reporter on Radio 2, and read the travel news at 17:15, 17:55, 18:30 and 18:55 each day. Pryor was previously the weekend travel reporter but from 11 August 2014 became the regular weekday afternoon travel reporter, replacing Sally Boazman who moved to weekends.

Who is Jules Lang?

Jules Lang presents travel bulletins on BBC London 94.9 weekdays.

Who is the longest serving BBC radio presenter?

Annie Avril Nightingale CBE
Annie Avril Nightingale CBE (born 1 April 1940) is an English radio and television broadcaster. She was the first female presenter on BBC Radio 1 in 1970, and is its longest-serving presenter.

Who was the first DJ on Radio 2?

Terry Wogan made his Radio 2 debut in 1967, presenting show Late Night Extra – “on the beat with music and news [and] off the record with pop”. 15. The Radio 1 Roadshow began in July 1973 with a Land Rover pulling a converted caravan around British holiday resorts.

Why did Lynn Bowles leave radio2?

Ms Bowles, who was born in Cardiff and joined the station in 2000, said she is leaving the station because she is “just a bit tired” after all the early starts. She has worked on Ken Bruce’s show for 18 years and he described her departure as “a sad day for us all”.

Does Ken Bruce have a disabled son?

He lives with his third wife Kerith near Thame in Oxfordshire. One of his sons is autistic and Bruce is an active charity campaigner for autism.

Who is taking over Sally Traffic on Radio 2?

Long-serving Radio 2 travel news reporter Sally Boazman is moving to weekend bulletin duty after 15 years working Monday to Friday. Bobbie Pryor will take over as presenter of the weekday afternoon travel news from Monday 25th August.

When did Sally Traffic leave the Simon Mayo show?

Sally Traffic departs Radio 2 Drivetime. Sally Boazman, known to millions as Sally Traffic on BBC Radio 2, is taking the next exit from the Simon Mayo Drivetime show. She’s been at the station since 1999, when it first wanted a dedicated traffic reporter. Sally worked with Johnnie Walker, Steve Wright, Jeremy Vine and Chris Evans over the years.

Where can I listen to Sally Boazman traffic?

Sally Boazman Traffic ~ BBC Radio 2 Classic Blooper – YouTube Everyone loves Sally Traffic from BBC Radio 2!Hear more classic radio bloopers at www.celebrityradio.biz Everyone loves Sally Traffic from BBC Radio 2!Hear more classic radio bloopers at www.celebrityradio.biz

What is the net worth of Sally Traffic?

Her most famous program is ‘Sally Traffic.’ She resides in London along with her husband and child. As she has already spent over two decades in the same position in BBC, we assume her net worth to be in millions and salary in several hundred thousand annually. Being exact her net value is around $2.5 million.

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