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What happened to Rick Smith?

What happened to Rick Smith?

Smith resigned in 2017 while his wife battled breast cancer, ceding duties to since-fired Bill O’Brien. But the 50-year-old is ready to end the respite, which did not dampen his stock. Aside from the Broncos, Smith has been linked to GM openings in Jacksonville, Atlanta, and Detroit.

Why did the Texans fire Rick Smith?

As Rick’s wife was becoming gravely ill, the Texans officially fired him on December 31. “It created a tremendous amount of pressure on me, right when things were starting to go downhill,” he says. “My concern was about health insurance and having to transition everything to Cobra.”

Who was the Texans general manager?

Nick Caserio
Houston Texans/General managers
Nick Caserio was named general manager of the Houston Texans on Jan. 7, 2021, becoming the fifth general manager in franchise history. Caserio joins the Texans after spending 20 seasons with the Patriots, including 18 in player personnel.

When did Rick Smith leave the Texans?

Smith was the Texans GM from 2006-2017 and added the EVP title in 2012. At the end of the 2017 season, he left Houston to be with his wife, who was battling cancer.

Who is Rick Smith married to?

Tiffany Smithm.?–2019
Rick Smith/Spouse

How old is Rex Smith now?

66 years (September 19, 1955)
Rex Smith/Age

Did Bill O’Brien quit?

HOUSTON — The Houston Texans fired head coach and general manager Bill O’Brien on Monday, a day after the team lost 31-23 to the Vikings. Associate Head Coach Romeo Crennel will take over as interim head coach for the remainder of the season.

Who is the police chief of Kansas City Missouri?

Richard C. Smith
Missouri Supreme Court Justice Brent Powell swore in Richard C. Smith as the 45th Chief of Police of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department on August 15, 2017. Smith joined KCPD as an officer in 1988.

Did Texans hire a new general manager?

In 2019, the Patriots blocked Caserio from interviewing with the Texans, but now Houston got its man, Rapoport added. Caserio will succeed Bill O’Brien, who was fired early in the 2020 season as the Texans general manager, as well as the head coach.

Who did the Houston Texans hire?

David Culley
The Houston Texans have hired David Culley as the team’s fourth head coach in franchise history. Culley joins the Texans from the Baltimore Ravens where he served the last two seasons (2019-20) as the assistant head coach / pass coordinator / wide receivers coach.

Who is Tiffany Avery Smith?

HOUSTON — Tiffany Smith, the wife of former Houston Texans general manager Rick Smith, has died. “Tiffany Avery Smith, my wife of 17 years, passed away today at 12:00 noon, after a fierce battle with Breast Cancer. She was beautiful, courageous, and a wonderful wife and mother.

Is Rex Smith married now?

Tracy Linm. 2009
Jamie Buellm. 1987–1995
Rex Smith/Spouse

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