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What happened to Michael Des Barres?

What happened to Michael Des Barres?

Des Barres has been sober since June 1981. In the mid-1980s he was one of the founding members of Rock Against Drugs. He later did volunteer addiction counseling and worked with homeless teens. Des Barres has also organised and hosted the annual Don’t Knock the Rock Film Festival, which first took place in 2003.

Who played Nicholas Helman on MacGyver?

Michael Des Barres

Nicholas Helman
Character Information
First appearance: Murdoc + Handcuffs
Portrayed by: Michael Des Barres

Is Pamela Des Barres related to Michael Des Barres?

In 1977, Pamela married English rock star Michael Des Barres. He was a raging cocaine addict so she vowed, on the spot, to give up drugs. They had a son together, but divorced in 1991. She’s had a few relationships since then, but is currently single.

Is Michael Des Barres married?

Pamela Des Barresm. 1977–1991
Wendy Hamiltonm. 1974–1975
Michael Des Barres/Spouse

Who is Michael Des Barres married to?

What bands was Michael Des Barres in?

The Power Station1985 – 1985
The Knack1982 – 1982SilverheadDetective1977 – 1979Chequered Past1982 – 1985
Michael Des Barres/Music groups

Who did Pamela Des Barres marry?

Michael Des Barresm. 1977–1991
Pamela Des Barres/Spouse

Who was Pamela Des Barres husband?

Pamela Des Barres/Husband

How old is Michael Des Barres?

73 years (January 24, 1948)
Michael Des Barres/Age

Does Pamela Des Barres have children?

She is best known for her bestselling 1987 memoir, I’m with the Band, which details her experiences in the Los Angeles rock music scene of the 1960s and 1970s….

Pamela Des Barres
Occupation Rock and roll groupie, author
Spouse(s) Michael Des Barres (m. 1977–91)
Children 1

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