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What happened to HMCS Algonquin?

What happened to HMCS Algonquin?

Algonquin was paid off on 11 June 2015. Algonquin, along with Protecteur, was sold for scrapping on 27 November 2015 to R.J. MacIsaac Ltd. of Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

Did Canada have a battleship?

HMS Canada was to have been a 112-gun first rate. She was laid down in 1814, but cancelled in 1832 and broken up on the stocks. HMS Canada (1881) was a screw corvette launched in 1881 and sold in 1897. HMS Canada (1913) was a battleship that the Chilean Navy had ordered as Almirante Latorre.

When was the last HMCS Algonquin built?

The last of her class, she was built by the Davie Shipbuilding Co., Lauzon, and commissioned on 03 Nov 1973. In Nov 1974, Algonquin rescued the crew of the fishing vessel Paul & Maria, which was sinking 80 miles east of Halifax.

Where did HMCS Algonquin do her first WUPS?

On 9 November, while undertaking a six-day passage, Algonquin conducted first crew readiness work-ups (WUPS) at sea. During this time, the ship embarked her first CH-140 Sea King helicopter. The destroyer was initially stationed out of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Are there any ships in the Royal Canadian Navy named Algonquin?

There have been 2 vessels named Algonquin in the Royal Canadian Navy. HMCS Algonquin R17 / 224. The “V” Class destroyer was laid down as HMS Valentine but commissioned on February 17, 1944, as HMCS Algonquin in the Royal Canadian Navy. She left Scotland on March 31, to help escort an aircraft carrier attack on the German battleship Tirpitz.

What was the commissioning ceremony of HMCS Algonquin?

HMCS ALGONQUIN was there and played her part with the rest of the invasion fleet. In the meantime, however, the commissioning ceremony continued. First the Commanding Officer and his guests inspected the ship; then tea and refreshments were served them in the wardroom to complete the afternoon’s activities.

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