What happened to FOPP?

What happened to FOPP?

On 15 January 2013 Fopp, along with its parent company HMV went into administration. HMV was bought out of administration by Hilco UK on 5 April 2013 saving Fopp’s nine remaining shops. On 5 February 2019, Canadian record shop chain Sunrise Records announced its acquisition of HMV Retail Ltd.

When did FOPP close?

It is due to close on 25 January. A source told the BBC: “They can’t agree on the terms of the rent – they only got a year last time. “Staff are feeling rubbish but are trying to be cheerful.” The Fopp brand began its life in 1981 as a stall in De Courcy’s Arcade – a short walk from Byres Road.

Who owns FOPP?

Fopp/Parent organizations

What does FOPP stand for?


Acronym Definition
FOPP Friends Of Pennypack Park
FOPP Follow-On Protein Products (US FDA)
FOPP Friends of Patterson Park (Baltimore, MD)
FOPP Fiber Optic Patch Panel

Is FOPP independent?

It was the mothership of an independent record shop empire that grew from a one-man Glasgow market stall to 100 stores across the UK. Fopp on Byres Road helped shape the musical tastes of thousands of Scots and influenced some of the country’s most popular musicians.

Can you use HMV gift cards in FOPP?

HMV GIFT CARDS. What is a gift card? An hmv or FOPP gift card is a prepaid card that can be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within any of our high street hmv or FOPP stores. hmv gift cards can be used in our FOPP stores and vice versa.

Is HMV still in administration?

HMV has been bought out of administration by Sunrise Records, the Canadian record store owned by the mogul, Doug Putman. Over 100 shops will remain open and 1,200 jobs will be saved.

Is HMV Oxford Street closing down?

HMV’s 363 Oxford Street branch is shuttered, the remnants of a once famous high street presence still lingering on its facade.

Does HMV give NHS discount?

Do you offer student, NHS or UK Forces discount? We do not currently offer any discounts of this nature.

Can you check stock at HMV?

We now offer a Ring & Reserve service so that customers can check the availability of an item and reserve this at their local store. Simply ring 03333 230 667, or phone your local store and select option 5, and one of our agents will be happy to assist you further.

Is HMV still selling online?

You can still shop online as usual at hmv.com/store and for Click & Collect to stores that are open.

Where are the Fopp stores in the UK?

As of 2016, Fopp has nine stores across England and Scotland. London Covent Garden, Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, Nottingham Broadmarsh Centre, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow Union Street, and Glasgow Byres Road. It was announced that the stores in Oxford, Bristol, Manchester and Byres Road will close.

What did the Fopp do for a living?

Fopp operated a “keep-it-simple” approach to the pricing of its merchandise, with most prices rounded to whole- pound figures. It built a reputation for reasonable prices on new releases, and competitive prices (often £5) on non-mainstream catalogue CDs, DVDs and books.

Where did the company Fopp get its name?

The company was setup by Englishman Gordon Montgomery and began as a one-man stall in Glasgow, Scotland in 1981. The name “Fopp” comes from the title of a song by the Ohio Players on their 1975 album Honey. By 2007, Fopp had expanded to become a chain of over 100 branches in the UK.

When did HMV take over the Fopp brand?

On 31 July 2007, it was announced that HMV would take control of the Fopp brand and its stores in Cambridge, Edinburgh Rose Street (but not Cockburn Street), Glasgow, London Covent Garden, Manchester and Nottingham.

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