What games does Wooga have?

What games does Wooga have?


  • June’s Journey.
  • Jelly Splash.

How do you play hidden object adventure?

Select the well of wishes to play a mini-game (E).

  1. Choose your desired wager to play (F).
  2. Each time you play, the meter (G) will fill up a little.
  3. You will receive a free spin (H) when the meter fills up completely.
  4. Rare items and prizes can be found by winning the game; play as often as you like.

What was the first hidden object game?

Mystery Case Files: Huntsville
Mystery Case Files: Huntsville (released in 2005), is often cited as the original hidden object game. Regardless, it was a major success for Big Fish, and the start of the genre craze that influenced game design for years to come.

Are there any cheats for June’s journey?

Are there any cheats for June’s journey? You can’t enter cheat codes anywhere in June’s Journey. These cheat codes are not even real cheat codes, they’re nothing more than a random string of numbers, letters and characters. They can’t be entered anywhere in the overall game so don’t waste your time on them.

Who bought Playtika?

Chinese investors bought Playtika from Caesars Entertainment Corp. for $4.4 billion in 2016. After the IPO, Playtika will continue to be ultimately controlled by the Chinese company Giant Investment Co., which in turn is controlled by Yuzhu Shi, according to the filings.

How do you reset a hidden City game?

Find the app in the list, click on it, and then click on Advanced Options, and then Reset. It wipes out all your progress.

How many hidden object games are there?

There are 14 games in the series and they’re all pretty good. The only issue is that some games rely on more on hidden object mechanics than others, so those looking for pure hidden object games may be disappointed by all of the other game play elements.

How do you make a hidden object game?

Create the hidden object game

  1. Enter your question explaining what the hidden object is so that the participant knows what they’re looking for.
  2. Upload the tiles of your image as answers.
  3. Mark the correct area by clicking ‘Correct answer’ next to it and assign a number of points:

What do you call a game with hidden objects?

Hidden object game s refer to a category of puzzle video games in which a player has to locate some items hidden within a picture. They are also referred to as a hidden picture. Investigate detective cases and search for hidden objects to clear up the crime.

Are there any hidden object games on Steam?

Of the hundreds of hidden object games on Steam, our master sleuth says these are the best. The hidden object genre is deceptively simple and—for the thousands of people buying them on Steam—ironclad.

How many people are there in hidden object game?

The goal of the game is simple: find hidden individuals that are hidden in interactive landscapes. The game will have you search for over 300 different “folks” scattered around 32 different areas. Each area also has its own interactions that make them unique and adds to the charm of the game.

Is there a hidden object game called time gap?

If that sounds amazingly bonkers, that’s because Time Gap is a hidden object game that isn’t content with being just your average hidden object game.

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