What flies to use for pike?

What flies to use for pike?

Suckers know when pike are dangerously close, and they react accordingly.

  • Umpqua Pike Fly.
  • Cabela’s (Lefty’s) Deceiver.
  • Clouser Minnow.
  • Enrico Puglisi’s 3D Perch.
  • Janie’s Flies Jiggy Bunny.
  • Janie’s Flies Musky Snake.
  • Jensen’s Magnum Bunny-Strip Leech.
  • John Cleveland’s Articulated Bunny Buster.

What flies for northern pike?

Pro Tips: Top 10 Flies for Big Northern Pike

  • Chip’s Northern Magic.
  • Chip’s Monster Magic.
  • Barry’s Baitfish 2.0.
  • Poor Man’s Whistler.
  • Pike Bunny.
  • Phil’s Li’l Purple Dude.
  • SeaDucer.
  • Lefty’s Deceiver.

Can you catch pike on a 6 weight fly rod?

Smaller pike on a clear day may merit using a Path in seven, or even six weight, but when the true bruisers come up from the depths in spring and fall, your rod better have a stout spine to handle the ensuing fight. A 40 inch, 20 pound pike is a trophy, but not unheard of here in Montana.

What is a 9 weight fly rod good for?

Also, a nine-weight is a good option for bass anglers who tend to fish big flies on open water in windy conditions. In other words, if you want to cut through the wind and cast big flies, look no further than a nine-weight fly rod—it’s a beast for just about any fish out there.

What kind of fly rod to use for Pike?

Pike often encourage some of the most visual eats in the fly fishing world, something every fly angler appreciates. Big flies, big fish, and big teeth often equate to big rods. It’s no surprise that traditional thinking points the fly angler in the direction of a 9wt fly rod when targeting Pike.

Is it good to fly fish for Pike?

It’s great to fly-fish for pike. Here is a short list of reasons why pike on the fly is so rock and roll. Pike Fishing requires neither long casts, classy or delicate presentation of the fly, and you can fish during the day, when the weather is good.

What’s the best way to catch a pike?

Fish always gather close to the edges of the vegetation like water lilies, weed beds, reeds and other hiding places. Throw your fly into holes with free water between water lilies, along the bank, parallel to reed edges etc. Pikes will often be right at the edge of the vegetation, completely hidden from view, poised and ready.

Why do you need a fast action rod for Pike?

Fast action rods also make casting streamers/larger flies in all conditions easier. Strong rods allow anglers to fight fish more efficiently which helps when directing Pike around submerged logs or pulling them out of cover. Another advantage of an 8wt is that it’s a versatile rod.

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