What First Aid would you give to Mona?

What First Aid would you give to Mona?

For many years, a standard treatment of providing morphine, oxygen, nitroglycerin, and aspirin (MONA) was the standard initial treatment approach for all patients presenting with chest pain due to suspected myocardial ischemia.

How is Apo related to heart failure?

There is usually fluid overload. 1 Acute heart failure typically occurs as ‘acute decompensated heart failure’ (ADHF) either secondary to chronic heart failure (CHF) or de novo. The more severe presentations of acute heart failure are acute pulmonary oedema (APO) and cardiogenic shock.

What is compensated diastolic heart failure?

Compensated heart failure means your heart works well enough that you either don’t notice any problems or the symptoms are easy to manage. You don’t have fluid buildup in your legs and feet, and you can breathe without trouble. Your body still seems to be doing OK, even with the change in your heart’s pumping ability.

What is the correct order of Mona?

During the treatment of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) or other coronary events, the mnemonic MONA (morphine, oxygen, nitroglycerin, aspirin) has been used by prehospital providers, emergency room personnel, and educators for years.

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What happens when a patient decompensated?

Decompensated and compensated HF In medicine, the term decompensation refers to the deterioration of a structure or system that was previously functioning. This means the heart can no longer continue to compensate for its defects. A system that is compensated can function despite the presence of stressors or defects.

How do you know when a heart failure patient is Decompensating?

Decompensated HF is characterised by an increase in symptoms such as breathlessness, fatigue, and fluid retention. It remains a lethal diagnosis with morbidity and mortality rates that often exceed neoplastic or infectious diseases.

How does Apo happen?

It is generally precipitated by changes in capillary permeability due to either direct or indirect pathological insult(5). Causes include pulmonary contusion, fluid overload, local or systemic inflammation, aspiration, inhalation injury, AKI and some allergic diseases(5).

How is compensated heart failure treated?

Treatment options—pharmacological

  1. Diuretics (loop and thiazide)
  2. Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors.
  3. β Blockers.
  4. Digoxin.
  5. Spironolactone.
  6. Vasodilators (hydralazine/nitrates)
  7. Anticoagulation.
  8. Antiarrhythmic agents.

How serious is decompensated heart failure?

Acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF) is a sudden worsening of the signs and symptoms of heart failure, which typically includes difficulty breathing (dyspnea), leg or feet swelling, and fatigue. ADHF is a common and potentially serious cause of acute respiratory distress.

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