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What Eminem song ended Ja Rule?

What Eminem song ended Ja Rule?

Like Toy Soldiers

“Like Toy Soldiers”
Label Aftermath Shady Interscope
Songwriter(s) Marshall Mathers Luis Resto Marta Marrero Michael Jay Margules
Producer(s) Eminem Luis Resto
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Why is Snoop dissing Eminem?

The feud between the two singing giants started last summer after Snoop failed to include Eminem in his top 10 list of rappers, claiming on The Breakfast Club that although Eminem might be a great lyricist, a lot of his success should be attributed to the platform Dr Dre gave him at the beginning of his career.

Did Eminem diss Drake in kamikaze?

Eminem denies dissing Drake on Kamikaze: ‘He will always be in my good graces’ E minem has shut down speculation that he dissed Drake on new album Kamikaze. The 45-year-old rapper, real name Marshall Mathers, has clarified a slew of rumours off the back the album, which he dropped last month.

What did Ja Rule say about Eminem and Dre?

Ja Rule then threatened Eminem and Dre, that if they allowed 50 Cent to release a diss track towards him or Muder Inc. that Ja would take action against Eminem and Dre. Busta Rhymes then joined in on the beef by appearing on the track ‘Hail Mary’ with 50 and Eminem, which basically describes how Ja is a fake of 2Pac.

Why did Ja Rule and Dr.Dre start a feud?

It started because Ja Rule and Murder Inc. hated 50 Cent and extended that to Eminem and Dr. Dre and in Ja Rule’s song “”Loose Change” he takes shots at not only Em and 50 but also Em’s daughter which causes the feud to intensify and caused D12 along with other Aftermath/Shady artists and affiliates to get into it.

Why did Ja Rule and 50 Cent fight?

The rappers engaged in numerous mix tape “disses”. The conflict stemmed from the rapper’s alleged robbery of Ja Rule’s jewelry, which led to a confrontation and 50 Cent’s stabbing. Before the release of Get Rich Or Die Tryin, Murder, Inc alongside The Source began a smear campaign against the rapper.

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