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What does the root word infra mean?

What does the root word infra mean?

prefix. Definition of infra- (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : below infrahuman infrasonic. 2 : within infraspecific. 3 : below in a scale or series infrared.

Is Infra Latin?

Latin for “below,” this is legal shorthand to indicate that the details or citation of a case will come later on in the brief. McLaughlin, infra, meaning the exact citation of the case, including volume and page number, will follow later in the document.

Does Infra mean before or after?

Infra is Latin for below. Vide infra means see below. E.

What does discussed infra mean?

(in a written document) below; further on. ‘see note, infra’ ‘For a further discussion of the importance of vancomycin resistance, see infra notes 125-128 and accompanying text. ‘ ‘In one activity, the writing of views about communications discussed at p.

Is infra Greek or Latin?

word-forming element meaning “below, beneath,” from Latin infra (adverb and preposition) “below, underneath, on the under side, beneath,” also “later than; smaller than; inferior to,” related to infernus “low, below,” from PIE *ndher “under” (source also of Sanskrit adnah “below,” Old English under “under, among;” see …

What does infra mean in medical terms?

below, beneath, INFERIOR
Prefix denoting below, beneath, INFERIOR to.

Where does the prefix infra come from?

Borrowed from Latin infra (“below”).

What does the prefix Zygoma mean?

zygoma (n.) “bony arch of the cheek,” plural zygomata, 1680s, Modern Latin, from Greek zygoma, from zygon “yoke” (from PIE root *yeug- “to join”). So called because it connects the bones of the face with those of the skull about the ear.

What is the full form of infra?

INFRA. Independent Natural Food Retailers Association.

What’s the difference between sub and infra?

Substructure is simply a supporting part of a building that is underneath something else. This term dates to the 1700s. In this example, infra- means within or inside and sub- means below.

What is the opposite of infra?

infra-prefix. Antonyms: ultra-, supra- Synonyms: hypo-, sub-

What’s the origin of the phrase’infra dig’?

The saying ‘Infra dig’ – meaning and origin. What’s the meaning of the phrase ‘Infra dig’? Unbecoming of one’s position – beneath one’s dignity. What’s the origin of the phrase ‘Infra dig’? This derives from the Latin infra dignitatem, literally – ‘beneath (one’s) dignity’.

What did Armitage mean by grandiosity is Infra Dig?

‘As Litt observes, for Armitage’s aesthetic worldview, “grandiosity is infra dig.”’ ‘It seemed, in that perspective, just a little infra dig to enjoin such praise.’ Early 19th century abbreviation of Latin infra dignitatem ‘beneath (one’s) dignity’.

How big was the tunnel in infra dig?

Isaacs recently returned from the New Mexico desert after shooting interior scenes for a new TV mini-series called Dig. Over the next 36 years, he would dig a 2,087-foot tunnel that led absolutely nowhere. For a few hours every day she would read big books at the library, watch reruns of the show, and dig through questions in the J!

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