What does the nightfall weapon this week?

What does the nightfall weapon this week?

The Destiny 2 Nightfall weapons for this week are Hung Jury SR4 and The Hothead.

What nightfall does palindrome drop from?

The Palindrome (Adept) – Destiny 2 ‣ The Palindrome is only available Every 3 Weeks and is a random drop from Nightfall: The Ordeal. ‣ The higher the difficulty of the Nightfall the higher drop chance.

What do you get from nightfall strike?


Will of the Thousands Worm God Incarnation Legendary Transmat
Strange Terrain Braytech Osprey Legendary Rocket Launcher
A Garden World Universal Wave Function Exotic Ship
Tree of Probabilities D.F.A. Legendary Hand Cannon

Does score affect nightfall drops?

Players will be able to all scores on new Nightfall Emblems available as drops in each Nightfall strike. These emblems and others like them are now the source of Auras, which are automatically enabled if the personal score is above a global threshold.

What is God roll Palindrome?

The Palindrome god roll for PVE Extended Magazine reduces your reload speed but that can be circumvented with Outlaw, which merely requires a precision kill to proc. Thresh is a relatively new perk and one that I personally find quite appealing.

Is the Palindrome good?

Verdict. The Palindrome is a great feeling Hand Cannon. As a 140 RPM, it is a well rounded gun, balancing both fire rate and damage. Its great perk options make it viable in both PvP and PvE.

Can Horrors be least?

Play a Nightfall to unlock Horror’s Least Pulse Rifle, a Rapid-Fire Arc Energy Pulse Rifle with exclusive use for Destiny 2 PvP in Season of the Lost. The only way to get the Horror’s Least Pulse Rifle is by playing The Corrupted Nightfall Strike in the Dreaming City. …

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