What does RIS mean in airsoft?

What does RIS mean in airsoft?

What is RIS airsoft? RIS stands for Rail Interface System. It’s a rail that placed on the barrel of your rifle, providing space to place accessories such as vertical grips, lasers, flashlights, scopes.

What are RIS RAS rails?

Rail interface system or rail integration system (RIS for short, sometimes also referred to as rail accessory system, RAS) is a generic term for a standardized rail system for attaching accessories to small firearms such as pistols, rifles and light machine guns.

Do airsoft guns have Picatinny rails?

Rail systems are universal accessory mounting platforms that can be found on many modern styles of airsoft guns. Many airsoft guns modeled around modern firearms will feature a type of rail system: picatinny, MLOK, or Keymod.

What is RIS M4?

The A&K M4 RIS AEG Airsoft Rifle with Rail Covers is a perfect addition to any player’s collection, no matter what the caliber. The Rail Integration System featured on this gun allows the user to attach a variety of picatinny accessories such as flash lights or lasers.

What does QB mean in airsoft?

Top Voted Definition for #speedqb SpeedQB is a fast paced style of airsoft originally developed by Southern Californian airsoft team SYG Airsoft. SpeedQB is the polar opposite of “milsim” or military-simulation airsoft in that it is a teamwork-centric, aggressive, athleticism based, high-speed style of playing airsoft.

Is RIS Picatinny?

A Rail Interface System (or RIS) is a system on most modern-day guns, which allow scopes, grenade launchers, foregrips, flashlights, and laser sights to be “snapped in”, or screwed into the gun’s RIS. Most guns use the M1913 Picatinny rail standard RIS.

What kind of rails are there for guns?

The six common types of rail systems for firearms are the Dovetail rail, Weaver rail, Warsaw Pact rail, Picatinny rail, KeyMod and M-LOK.

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