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What does Project Row Houses do?

What does Project Row Houses do?

Project Row Houses is a community platform that enriches lives through art with an emphasis on cultural identity and its impact on the urban landscape. We engage neighbors, artists, and enterprises in collective creative action to help materialize sustainable opportunities in marginalized communities.

Why do the 3rd Ward row houses exist?

Project Row Houses is a development in the Third Ward area of Houston, Texas. Project Row Houses includes a group of shotgun houses restored in the 1990s. Eight houses serve as studios for visiting artists. Those houses are art studios for art related to African-American themes.

When was Project Row Houses founded?

Project Row Houses (PRH) was founded in 1993 to be the catalyst for transforming community through the celebration of art and African American history and culture. Inspired by the work of German avant-garde artist Joseph Beuys and African American painter Dr.

Why was PRH started?

Where others saw poverty, these artists saw a future site for positive, creative, and transformative experiences in the Third Ward. Together they began to explore how they could be a resource to the community and how art could be an engine for social transformation. This is how the PRH story began.

Who created Project Row Houses?

Mr. Lowe, a lanky, amiable, remarkably youthful-looking 45-year-old artist from Alabama, moved to Houston 21 years ago and lives here in the Third Ward, where he founded Project Row Houses.

Who created row houses?

In the pre-British Raj era, India was mostly made up of bungalows and small villas that housed a family or two. The concept of apartments or co-living wasn’t the norm back then. Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier, the man behind Chandigarh’s planned city status, introduced the concept of row houses in the country.

Why does Baltimore have row houses?

Baltimore’s first rowhouses were built in the mid-1790s. The idea of the rowhouse came from England, where elegant rows of homes were built both to appeal to a middle class and give more people access to homeownership. These homes are found in Baltimore’s oldest neighborhoods.

Are row homes attached?

A rowhouse is basically the same thing as a townhouse. Both are attached. The only distinction — and it’s a small one — is that a townhouse is not necessary one of an identical row. In popular usage, a rowhouse is generally less fancy than a townhouse.

How many row houses are there in Houston?

Ten of the twenty-two row houses are dedicated to art, photography and literary projects, which are installed on a rotating six-month basis. When a group of artists is commissioned, each is given a house to transform in ways that speak to the history and cultural issues relevant to the African-American community.

What does Project Row Houses do for the community?

We remain dedicated to the culture and history here and work alongside residents to directly address changes that affect this community. Project Row Houses is a community platform that enriches lives through art with an emphasis on cultural identity and its impact on the urban landscape.

When is the reopening of Project Row houses?

We are excited to announce that Project Row Houses will reopen to the public on Saturday, July 31st with the unveiling of Round 52: Gulf Coast Anthropocene . Read more about Round 52: Gulf Coast Anthropocene here.

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