What does Noiseful mean?

What does Noiseful mean?

: full of noise: such as. a : full of, abounding in, or making sounds : noisy. b obsolete : full of evil report.

What does the phrase bated breath mean?

: in a nervous and excited state anticipating what will happen They waited for the answer on their application with bated breath.

Is Noiseful a real word?

adjective. Full of noise; noisy.

What is the meaning of brittleness?

Brittleness describes the property of a material that fractures when subjected to stress but has a little tendency to deform before rupture. Brittle materials are characterized by little deformation, poor capacity to resist impact and vibration of load, high compressive strength, and low tensile strength.

What does soundless mean?

adjective. accompanied by or making little or no noise; silent; quiet: a noiseless step; a noiseless typewriter.

What is the etymology of bated breath?

Bated breath is a phrase that means to hold one’s breath due to suspense, trepidation or fear. Bated breath is a phrase first mentioned in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. The word bated is an abbreviation of the word abated, meaning to lessen in severity or amount.

What is a brittle woman?

brittle – lacking warmth and generosity of spirit; “a brittle and calculating woman” coldhearted – lacking in sympathy or feeling.

What’s another word for noiseless?

In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for noiseless, like: wordless, silent, stilly, soundless, quiet, voiceless, speechless, hushed, clamorous, hush and frictionless.

What does Noiseness mean?

the property of being noisy and lively and unrestrained. type of: sound.

Is the term baited breath or bated breath?

“Bated” is a form of the word “abate,” which means “to diminish, beat down, or reduce,” and it’s spelled B-A-T-E-D. So when you’re waiting with bated breath (you can think of that as abated breath), you’re so eager, anxious, excited, or frightened that you’re almost holding your breath.

Is there a sound in the Silence of space?

Based on this information and the aforementioned studies, it can be determined that silence does have a sound. Yet, this is only because sound is an experience interpreted by the brain. In space, there is no sound, yet even if one were to hold their breath and stop their pulse, they would still experience the internal hum of tinnitus.

What kind of sounds do you hear when you breath?

Breath sounds may be heard with a stethoscope during inspiration and expiration in a technique called auscultation. Abnormal lung sounds such as stridor, rhonchi, wheezes, and rales, as well as characteristics such as pitch, loudness, and quality, can give important clues as to the cause of respiratory symptoms.

Which is softer inspiration or expiration breath sounds?

People are often more familiar with vesicular breath sounds, as they are the sounds heard over much of the lungs. They are lower-pitched and softer than tracheobronchial breath sounds. Inspiration is longer than expiration and there is no pause between inspiration and expiration. 3  Ratio of Inspiration to Expiration

Where does the bronchial breath sound come from?

Bronchial breath sounds are heard over the large bronchi (over the breastbone or sternum in the mid-chest region and between the shoulder blades on the back). They are higher-pitched and louder than breath sounds heard over other parts of the lungs, but quieter and more hollow-sounding (tubular) compared with tracheal breath sounds.

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