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What does Ethernized mean?

What does Ethernized mean?

1 : to treat or anesthetize with ether. 2 : to make numb as if by anesthetizing. Other Words from etherize Example Sentences Learn More About etherize.

What does it mean to anesthetize someone?

: to give drugs to (a patient) so that no pain can be felt : to give an anesthetic to (a patient) See the full definition for anesthetize in the English Language Learners Dictionary. anesthetize. transitive verb. anes·​the·​tize.

What does the word phosphorescent mean?

: of or relating to a type of light that glows softly in the dark and that does not produce heat. See the full definition for phosphorescent in the English Language Learners Dictionary. phosphorescent. adjective. phos·​pho·​res·​cent | \ -ᵊnt \

What does it mean when someone is patient?

Patience is a person’s ability to wait something out or endure something tedious, without getting riled up. Having patience means you can remain calm, even when you’ve been waiting forever or dealing with something painstakingly slow or trying to teach someone how to do something and they just don’t get it.

What does Whenas mean?

whenasadverb. When; at the time (which). Etymology: From when + as.

What is the root word of anesthetize?

A doctor whose job it is to anesthetize patients is called an anesthesiologist. The root word is Greek: anaisthesia, “lack of feeling or sensation.”

What is another word for anesthetized?

What is another word for anesthetized?

sedated numb
unconscious benumbed
numbed insensible
senseless insensitive
dead insensate

What is the difference between patient and patient?

The words “patience” and “patients” are homophones: They sound the same but have very different meanings. The noun “patience” refers to the ability to wait or endure hardship for a long time without becoming upset. The noun “patients” is the plural form of “patient”—someone who receives medical care.

Which is the best definition of the word etherized?

Define etherized. etherized synonyms, etherized pronunciation, etherized translation, English dictionary definition of etherized. tr.v. e·ther·ized , e·ther·iz·ing , e·ther·iz·es 1. To subject to the fumes of ether; anesthetize.

What to do with an etherize D patient?

The etherize d patient, his bladder having been emptied, should be placed in the lithotomy position. Metaphysical works he placed over science, since “metaphysics is only physics etherize d,” he said. Rubbing with etherize d oils and electricity have also been used successfully.

What does it mean to be under the influence of ether?

Medicine/Medical. to put under the influence of ether; anesthetize.

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