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What does briefcase do in 60 seconds?

What does briefcase do in 60 seconds?

The suitcase is an item introduced in the “What’s in the suitcase?” DLC that is used to take items to scavenging. Bringing the suitcase allows you to bring more then 1 item during scavenging outside your shelter. It is one of the most important items to bring into your bunker.

How many endings are in 60 seconds?

The 4 New Endings :: 60 Seconds! General Discussions.

How do you fix fatigue 60 seconds?

To cure someone from being tired, the player should feed them frequently, and this is costly. Only Mutant Mary Jane can’t get tired. A member may also get tired if the player gets the sleeping event and he/she doesn’t give the medkit to the members in the fallout shelter.

What does the Boy Scout Handbook do in 60 seconds?

The Boy Scout Handbook (also known as the Scout Handbook) is an essential survival item in the game that has many different uses. It can repair almost every item that stays in the fallout shelter, including the Gas Mask, Flashlight, Map, Rifle, and Radio.

Where does 60 seconds take place?

The game takes place in a suburban town as a nuclear bomb is set to detonate in 60 seconds, forcing a family of four to gather as many supplies as possible within the timeframe….

60 Seconds!
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Mode(s) Single-player

How do I get mutant Mary Jane?

She can become a mutant if she is bitten by a mutant spider, the player does nothing about bugs, or if the puddle of green goo isn’t cleaned with a Boy Scout Handbook, Suitcase or Gas Mask. This means she will not require Water Bottles to survive, but she will require more Soup Cans as a result.

Can mutant Mary Jane eat a family member?

It can rarely happen when the fallout is gone, however. Mutant Mary Jane, when starved for too long due to her high need of soup, can eat a family member.

What is the difference between 60 seconds and 60 seconds atomized?

60 Seconds! Reatomized is a new version of the game with 4K support, refreshed graphics, and an improved UI system. On a positive note, the additional content does make it so that 60 Seconds!

How old is Dolores from 60 seconds?

Age. 30+ presumably in the game.

How do you stop insanity 60 seconds?

Insanity is a condition any of the family members can get if their respective Sanity stat gets lowered far enough. Much like Injury or Illness, once a family member becomes Insane, they are on a countdown to their removal from the game. However, the only cure is to raise the character’s Sanity.

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