What does Bourdieu mean by social space?

What does Bourdieu mean by social space?

Bourdieu uses the term “social space” more specifically, when he intends to indicate the set of all possible positions that are available for occupation at any given time or place. Since Bourdieu’s theory of practice is a relational one, these possible positions are defined in relation to each other.

What do you understand by social space?

A social space is physical or virtual space such as a social center, online social media, or other gathering place where people gather and interact. Some social spaces such as town squares or parks are public places; others such as pubs, websites, or shopping malls are privately owned and regulated.

What is symbolic space?

The interplay between outside and inside, inclusion and exclusion, and heaven and earth are key to understanding the events that unfold within these invented spaces. …

What are the typologies of social space?

Based on collected data in field survey, the typology of social spaces that could be inferred are: permanent, temporary, and dynamic social space.

How are identities and space connected?

Social space and identity are specifically connected. The formation of identity as a process of identification can be closely related to the space where it takes place . Identity spaces as well as the places for change or resistance are spaces creating alternate social orderings .

What is a symbolic relation?

SYMBOLIC RELATIONS IN THINKING. N theories of thinking, much use is made of the symbolic valu. of contents,-images, words, movements, postures, or special. organic sensations. Such contents are said to represent the original.

What did Pierre Bourdieu use to describe social space?

However, Bourdieu also used a broader concept of “social space” and employed a range of representational methods to offer mappings of such space. This chapter considers a range of visual forms used by Bourdieu and others, including diagrams – some based on geometric correspondences analysis – and photographs.

How is Bourdieu’s theory of practice defined?

Since Bourdieu’s theory of practice is a relational one, these possible positions are defined in relation to each other. As he writes, “one ought to be able to recall at every point the whole network of relationships found there” (Bourdieu 1984: 120).

How is social space used in sociological writing?

The phrase “social space” is often used in sociological writing as a generic metaphor to indicate the broad background to the social phenomenon being studied (see Crossley 2005: 306).

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