What does AFS stand for on a Taurus PT 92?

What does AFS stand for on a Taurus PT 92?

The Taurus PT92 is a double action/single action, double-stack-magazine fed, short recoil-operated, semi-automatic 9mm pistol manufactured by Taurus in the Beretta factory in São Paulo, Brazil.

Does the Taurus PT92 have a Decocker?

The primary controls of the Taurus PT92 series are made up of an ambidextrous safety/decocker system, a slide-release lever and a magazine-release button located to the rear of the trigger guard.

Is Taurus or Beretta better?

The Taurus safety is Up for Safe, Down for Fire, and Full-Down for decock which rebounds to the fire position. The Beretta is down for safe, which simultaneously decocks the pistol, and up for fire. The Taurus safety also allows for single action on-safe carry, whereas the standard Beretta does not.

What kind of gun is a Taurus 9mm?

Taurus PT92 AFS semi-auto handgun in 9mm. (Photo: Michael Morning) In my early 20s, when my wife and I were just starting out and our desire for a gun for self-defense nearly outstripped our financial reach, there was really only one choice for me: the Taurus PT92 9mm, my dad’s favorite handgun.

What kind of magazines does Taurus PT92 have?

15-round magazines for the Taurus PT92. (Photo: Michael Morning) Long story short, we saved our pennies and found a gorgeous stainless steel AFS model – just like my dad’s. And while the blued models were certainly more tactical, we loved the stainless look and the wood grips.

What kind of frame does Taurus 92 have?

With its drop hammer forged, ordnance-grade alloy frame, the Taurus 92 is an innovative and reliable semiautomatic pistol that’s built to last.

What kind of safety does Taurus 92 have?

The 92 features a three-position, frame-mounted ambidextrous safety that is more secure than a slide-mounted safety-allowing for a classic “cocked and locked” mode as well as a functioning DA decocking lever. There are no reviews yet. Your email address will not be published.

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