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What do you need to know about the Japanese garden?

What do you need to know about the Japanese garden?

Japanese garden is traditional garden aims at elevating the ideal nature of a far away place. It introduces zen to any home and bring harmony to its surrounding. The garden usually does not use any artificial ornament. Instead, it brings both the Japanese philosophy and aesthetic to highlight the natural beauty.

What did Japanese gardens look like in the Edo period?

The gardens of the Edo period reflected the peace in the country: very soft shorelines, un-dramatic stone settings, and softly curved hills. These types of Japanese gardens often recreate scenes from history and myth, both from within Japan, but also from China.

How are yodomari stones used in Japanese gardens?

Yodomari stone arrangements are created by placing rocks in a line in a pond in front of an island. The stones represent ships anchoring there and waiting for treasures, which can be gathered on the island. You don’t have to be in Japan to visit some stunning traditional Japanese gardens.

Why are courtyard gardens called tsuboniwa in Japan?

Gardens within the walls of a residence or in a small, enclosed space beside them, are known as Courtyard Gardens or Tsuboniwa (坪庭). This type of Japanese garden first appeared during the Heian era (794 – 1192). During these times women were often given a name that referred to a specific plant which grew in the tsuboniwa next to her quarter.

Why are there so many waterfalls in Japanese gardens?

A water feature is common in Japanese gardens. Waterfalls bring motion and sound to the space. Sound can be quite integral to the Japanese garden as anything visual. That is why many waterfalls and bamboo fountains (known as sōzu) are found in Japanese gardens.

How can I extend the life of my niwaki tree?

You can also simply take existing shrubs and prune them in a Japanese style. In Japan, a garden is designed to last for centuries, so the pruning techniques used are extremely important to extend the life and the beauty of the Niwaki or garden trees.

Where are the most beautiful gardens in Japan?

There is a list of historic Japanese gardens can be found across the country, especially in Kyoto (formal capital city of Japan) and Tokyo. Kyoto is known for its historic temples and shrines that are mostly decorated with beautiful gardens.

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