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What do you need to know about metal carports?

What do you need to know about metal carports?

Metal Carports. A Metal Carport is a structure used to protect your valuable assets from severe weather conditions. At Carport Direct, we offer 100+ combinations of steel building sizes and colors. You can customize and buy your carport online directly at the lowest down payment.

What kind of roof do I need for a steel carport?

Our steel carports for sale have a 29- gauge metal sheeting roof, we also offer a much stronger 26-gauge metal roofing. The customization don’t stop there!

What kind of braces are on metal carports?

The standard frame gauge on all metal carports is 14 gauge. We offer a 12 gauge upgrade option. All carports come with FREE center snow braces and with 4 corner braces (one on each corner). Metal carports are anchored to the ground or concrete pad. FREE ground anchors included. FREE concrete Anchors.

Which is an example of a mid range carport?

Every product line has a mid-range option, and A-frame metal carports are a great example of this concept. Also known as boxed eve carports, the roof style is durable and attractive, offering more benefits than basic regular roofs at a more affordable price than top-of-the-line vertical roofing.

How big is a steel carport for a RV?

This 30’W x 41’L steel RV cover has been installed with a vertical roof, double legs,… This metal building is a 30’W x 21’L steel carport with a brown vertical roof and… From a picnic shelter, to an outdoor work area, to a poolside cabana, there are several… This 22’W x 21’L x 8’H steel carport is being utilized as a shelter for vehicles.

Where was the metal carport installed in Waycross GA?

The structure was installed at our hunting camp in Waycross, Georgia. The staff were very helpful and knowledgeable, particularly Heather and Ash. The installation crew arrived at 6:30 PM and had the carport up and were leaving by 9:30 PM after cleaning up the area. The following day it rained very hard and there wasn’t a single leak in the roof.

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