What do you do when your Alcatel wont charge?

What do you do when your Alcatel wont charge?

Verify that your phone, charging port, and battery contacts are not damaged. Carefully inspect your phone to be sure it’s not overheating, swollen or damaged. Carefully inspect your phone’s charging port and remove any debris. Remove the battery.

How do I turn my Alcatel One Touch on if the power button is broken?

Hold down both the volume up and down keys, and connect your phone to your PC. Next, while still holding down the volume keys, and with the device connected to USB, hold down the Home button. Give it a few minutes. Once the menu appears, release all buttons.

Does Alcatel have a battery?

Alcatel MyFlip comes with a removable battery. Opening its back cover is something inevitable, because that’s where the ports for the battery, SIM card, and SD card are located.

Where is the battery for Alcatel One Touch phone?

Remove the back cover using the notch located at the bottom of the phone. Lift the battery out of the compartment using the notch located above the battery slot.

How can I charge my Alcatel One Touch?

Verify that your ALCATEL can power on. Turn your phone on. Verify that your charger is working. Connect your phone to your charger and see if the charging icon displays.

Why is my Alcatel phone not charging properly?

To check if any third-party app is causing the problem or not, you can slide into the safe mode on your phone which is the diagnostic phase where the user can check if third-party apps are causing the not charging problem or its due to pre-installed apps or any hardware function.

How can I improve the battery life of my Alcatel phone?

Verify that your ALCATEL is running the most recent software. There may be a software update that improves battery life on your phone. Check for software updates. Safely remove your SD card. Turn your phone off. Remove the battery. Remove the SD card. Reinsert the battery. Turn your phone back on. Perform a soft reset.

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