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What cover songs did Metallica do?

What cover songs did Metallica do?

Metallica’s 10 Best Cover Songs

  • ‘Tuesday’s Gone’ (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
  • ‘Turn the Page’ (Bob Seger)
  • ‘Stone Cold Crazy’ (Queen)
  • ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ (Thin Lizzy)
  • ‘The Small Hours’ (Holocaust)
  • ‘So What’ (Anti-Nowhere League)
  • ‘Helpless’ (Diamond Head)
  • ‘Breadfan’ (Budgie)

Did Metallica write any love songs?

One would hardly think of Metallica as notable writers of love songs, but their hit “Nothing Else Matters” is one of the best heavy metal love songs out there. In fact, Metallica is far from the only metal band with a song so romantic it would make Cyrano de Bergerac blush.

What songs did Metallica steal?

Several Metallica songs sound like blatant ripoffs of other people’s tunes, such as Master Of Puppets’ “Sanitarium,” which lifts the main riff of a Bleak House song called “Rainbow Warrior.” Amazingly, James Hetfield has since admitted to the theft, though he won’t name the band in question because apparently theft …

Did Metallica do any covers?

We told you about the most monumental covers of Metallica songs, but Metallica are a pretty capable cover band in their own right. There is a wealth of Metallica covers to choose from, especially since they collated all the early recordings on the excellent Garage, Inc. compilation.

Who sings with Metallica in Tuesday’s Gone?

Tuesday’s Gone/Artists

Why is Master of Puppets quiet?

” Rasmussen recalls that in order to achieve the desired optimal sonic tightness, he had Metallica tune their instruments slightly lower than usual when recording “Master of Puppets” so they could mix with the tapes running faster and still have the end result sound in tune.

Does ACDC have any love songs?

“Who in their right mind would want this to go out?” Angus Young has revealed that ‘Love Song’ is the AC/DC song that he regrets the most. Speaking in a new interview, Young was asked to name the “most regrettable AC/DC song” of all-time, and he answered by naming the first single from the band’s debut album.

Why did James Hetfield wrote nothing else matters?

A touchy-feely ballad that frontman James Hetfield had written about missing his then-girlfriend Kristen Martinez while on tour, the song was a far cry from the war’n’lightning imagery that had dominated Metallica’s past decade.

What inspired Tuesday’s Gone?

There was a train track near the place where the band rehearsed. The sound of the trains inspired lead singer Ronnie Van Zant to write the first line, “Train roll on, on down the line.” “Tuesday’s Gone” was a huge influence on Black Stone Cherry lead singer Chris Robertson.

Who originally wrote Tuesday’s Gone?

Lynyrd Skynyrd
Ronnie Van ZantGary RossingtonAllen Collins
Tuesday’s Gone/Lyricists

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