What companies does EnerSys own?

What companies does EnerSys own?

Some of the many recognizable brands that fall under the EnerSys® umbrella include PowerSafe®, DataSafe®, Hawker®, Genesis®, ODYSSEY® and CYCLON® batteries for reserve power applications; IRONCLAD®, NexSys®, General Battery®, Hawker®, Fiamm Motive Power®, Oldham® and Express® batteries for motive power applications; …

Who does EnerSys make batteries for?

Acquired in March, 2011 they made Lead and Nickel based batteries for motive and reserve power markets in Greece. Based out of Germany and acquired in September, 2011 they produced lithium-ion based solutions for space, naval, marine, renewable energy, and specialty high power applications.

Where is EnerSys based?

EnerSys® is the largest industrial battery manufacturer in the world, operating manufacturing and assembly facilities worldwide for customers in over 100 countries. Worldwide and Americas headquarters are located in Reading, Pennsylvania, USA with regional headquarters in Zug, Switzerland and Singapore.

Who makes Northstar Battery?

NorthStar Group oversees two business units: NorthStar SiteTel, which produces battery cabinets and site solutions, and is based in Sollentuna, Sweden; and NorthStar Battery, which produces lead–acid batteries, and is based in Missouri, United States….NorthStar.

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Who bought Alpha Technologies?

EnerSys Announces Agreement to Acquire the Alpha Technologies Group of Companies, Creating the Only Complete Power Solution Provider for Broadband, Telecom and Energy Storage Systems. READING, Pa. , Oct.

Who is Fred Kaiser?

Fred Kaiser and Grace Borsari are business partners, entrepreneurs and founders of Alpha Technologies, which they founded in 1975 as a supplier of backup electrical power sources for cable television systems and now provides backup power equipment to a wide range of telecommunications and broadband customers.

When did EnerSys acquire Alpha Technologies?

December 10 2018
– December 10 2018 – (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EnerSys (NYSE: ENS) announced today that it has completed its acquisition of the Alpha Technologies Group of companies (the “Alpha Group”).

What company owns NorthStar?

NorthStar employs over 600 people worldwide, with headquarters in Sweden and major operations in the USA. NorthStar has been owned by Altor Fund II since 2007.

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