What caused the Ecuador Earthquake 1906?

What caused the Ecuador Earthquake 1906?

Tectonic setting The earthquake is likely to be a result of thrust-faulting, caused by the subduction of the Coiba, Malpelo and Nazca Plates beneath the North Andes and South American Plates.

How long did the Rat Island earthquake last?

The 1965 Rat Islands earthquake occurred at 05:01 UTC, on 4 February (19:01, 3 February local time). It had a magnitude of 8.7 and triggered a tsunami of over 10 m on Shemya Island, but caused very little damage….1965 Rat Islands earthquake.

UTC time 1965-02-04 05:01:22
Local date February 3, 1965
Local time 19:01:22
Magnitude 8.7 Mw
Depth 30.3 km

Where was the earthquake in Ecuador in 1987?

Executive Summary The two earthquakes of magnitude 6.1 and 6.9 on March 5, 1987, occurred along the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains in northeastern Ecuador. The epicenters were located in Napo Province, approximately 100 km ENE of Quito and 25 km N of Reventador Volcano.

Where was the epicenter of the earthquake in Ecuador?

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocked Ecuador’s coast April 16, 2016 — killing almost 700 people and leveling homes, schools, and infrastructure. More than 6,000 people were severely injured. The quake’s epicenter was offshore about 17 miles from the town of Muisne in Manabí province and 100 miles northwest of Quito, the capital.

How did the earthquake in Ecuador affect lifelines?

Effects on Lifelines Damage to lifelines was severe in areas near the earthquake epicenters. Specifically, there was major damage to the TransEcuadorian (crude oil) and Poliducto (propane) pipelines, as well as the principal highway linking Quito and Lago Agrio, the main town of the oil-producing region of Ecuador.

When did the earthquake happen in Ecuador in 2016?

January 2016: Torrential rain, floods and landslides from El Niño conditions affect many impoverished families in Manabí province. April 16: A magnitude 7.8 earthquake strikes northern Ecuador. May 19 & July 10: Severe aftershocks in the same area set back recovery efforts.

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