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What caused the 1987 Edmonton tornado?

What caused the 1987 Edmonton tornado?

Summary. In the week preceding July 31, a low pressure system sitting over southwestern British Columbia fed warm, humid air into central Alberta. Daytime heating along with near-record dewpoints over Alberta triggered a series of strong thunderstorms that persisted throughout the week.

How did the Edmonton tornado affect the people?

The tornado was on the ground for more than an hour, with winds reaching 418 km/h. The twister travelled for 30.8 km and reached 1.3 km in width. The tornado, which is known as Black Friday in Edmonton, killed 27 people, injured 300, and destroyed more than 300 homes. It caused more than C$332 million worth of damages.

Who died in 1987 Edmonton tornado?

27 people
The July 31, 1987, Edmonton tornado was the second-deadliest in Canadian history. The statistics were horrific: 27 people killed, 600 injured, 1,700 left homeless, and damage estimated at $300 million.

Are tornadoes common in Edmonton Alberta?

A fairly frequent storm that occurs in Edmonton are tornadoes and it is common for them to appear during the summer season. In 2019, the count of annual tornadoes in the province of Alberta were higher than average. The average count of annual tornadoes is 12 however, a total of 18 tornadoes hit during that year.

What did the Edmonton tornado destroy?

Thirty-four years ago on Saturday an F4 tornado ripped through Strathcona County and east Edmonton, killing 27 people, injuring hundreds and destroying millions of dollars worth of property.

Where is Tornado Alley in Alberta?

Although the official boundaries of the Canadian Tornado Alleys are not clearly defined, its core extends from Central Alberta through Saskatchewan, Southern Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. A second tornado alley extends from Michigan to Central Ontario and from Central Ontario to Southwestern Quebec.

Are tornadoes common in Alberta?

Tornadoes are common in Alberta.

Where did the Edmonton tornado take place?

Twelve of the 27 fatalities occurred in an industrialized area of east Edmonton and Strathcona County, while the other 15 were in the Evergreen Mobile Home Park in rural northeast Edmonton, according to the 1987 Edmonton Tornado Atlas website.

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